Age 58: House Renovation 101

“If the plan doesn’t work , change the plan but never change the goal”

Yay! October is our lucky month.

Happy birthday to us, my sons and our house 🙂

Yep! Thirty years of working as OFW (overseas Filipino worker), the first thing that comes to mind is to buy a house, and we did! But plan change, the two years contract was extended to thirty years! And the house was rented. Some of the previous tenants were caring, unfortunately, the last one was a tyrant! OMG! , I can’t imagine how they live. We always do repair before a new tenant comes in and we are sure that the last tenant receive the house in good condition. Shocks! The house was not livable when I received it, everything was upside down 😦


2009 when I became a single parent, a sole provider… it was not planned but reality at times will shocked our nerves and when it hit me, I did not back off, instead I stand firmly , prayed and hope I can passed the difficulties. So many things happened in between, I can tell you it was not easy for all of us but we surpassed the expectation!

I was brave to spent my savings and earning to send my sons to college and they were able to graduate with honors. I was crazy to think I am done after graduation 🙂 Sometimes I would say to myself, It’s ok to be selfish at times, think about when you grow old when you cannot work anymore, no steady income, no pension but I also think what will happen when I go back to Philippines ? No house and no pension, that’s more  scary! Time is ticking …it’s a disguise of invisibility..waiting to expire, but no! I won’t be fool by my advancing age, I like to think what I have been through, are my armor to whatever mishap I may have in the near future.

The tuition fees I paid for my two sons to study abroad, I could have bought a big mansion and a nice car but What shall I do with it? Education came as priority. Travel was second, why? Well, I don’t want to wait till I am old and can’t enjoy the scenery because I don’t remember where I was hehehe… talking about being forgetful 🙂 And renovating the house became the last in the list.


Once again, My inner me,.. says renovate the house, but I have no savings left, only my service award for five years.Besides , it’s a conjugal property. I like to file for annulment, actually saving for it. You see the irony in Philippines, We are the only country in the world that doesn’t support divorce and we also don’t have any program for single parent. I can’t file for housing loan, I am two years away of my retirement. The government should look into the predicament of single parent, this is not only to free from their spouse but to get support for education and shelter. There are a lot of separated/divorced couple that supports each other. Why can’t we be broad-minded on this subject for the sake of harmony and stability? Instead of paying a big amount of money to lawyers, spend it to other more important things like sharing for the education of children. However, out of no where, I received a quit claim and  the whisper is becoming louder and louder…renovate the house…renovate the house…

Drum roll… here are some photos of before and after renovation!



the only post in the middle was turned into decorative cabinet

Renovation 101 🙂

I calculated my service award and I said to myself, just do what is necessary and you will be fine financially.I went home, got my architect/contractor – Arch. Rosario Valeza and discussed what I want for my house.The budget of 1.8 increased to 2.5 M, oh la la la.


Shall I go for it? The inner me… Go!

Alright brave lady, Let’s do it! I talked to my boss to lend me an advanced money but with the economy going down, he cannot promise anything. Luckily, my contractor agreed that I can pay on installment basis. Wow! I am so lucky 🙂 Indeed! She also did a lot of extra work for me without even asking for extra money. Like I sent her to get me the appliances I need from Elba . I am too far away to come every time so she was so kind to extend her helping hand.Hmmm do I really think there’s no extra? Well, of course there will be but she is just so kind to ask and I am taking advantage of it :-)… joke!

Did it went well?

Well, I would say the finished renovation was beautiful compared to the old one but honestly , being far away from home while the house is being renovated is a big stress! Especially when the communication is kind of strange, timing is important, at times, she is free and at times I am not. Having internet is a plus but it is still different when you are there, in the actual site. I’m lucky also that I have my brother Eng. Kelly, who helped me visualized the outcome. Although at times, there was some disagreement between the Engineer and the architect but at the end professionalism works.


Sketch done by my bro Engr Kelly Mariano to help me visualize how it will look


the actual renovated view done by Architect Rosario Valeza

Some TIPS on renovating house when your far away from home and with a stretched budget on hand:-)

1. hired a trusted architect/contractor – this will lessen your stress but of course, it should be mutual. She/He should trust you too (financial wise) double wink ** I had some problem in sending remittances, two of the big remittance center in Jeddah was suspended and there’s also limit how much money I can send which shouldn’t exceed my monthly salary. I really appreciate the patience of my contractor.

2. have a concrete plan of what you want to change from the beginning. Think what is your priority. A bigger bathroom?  A bigger living room? Pushed everyone to be a part of the plan, even when they say, “Whatever you like mom” still insist on getting what’s in their mind. Don’t start until you get the plan, finalize and start.

3. Get a support from trusted Engineer, friends and family who has experience in building a house. You can get some tips but stick to your liking ,listen and make your own decision.

4. Think what appliances / gadget in the kitchen. This is very important so the cabinets can be adjusted accordingly. I ask a lot of questions from my chef’s son of course 🙂 I rather have a small but equipped kitchen than a big one with too many appliances in disarray.

5. Have an ample allowance to estimate the finishing date, so you don’t end up having double expenses of renting a temporary condo. Plus your excitement will not be overshadowed by frustration because of extra expenses. Remember you still have to furnish the house 🙂

5. Save money from the start even though you’re not thinking of renovating because it comes handy later on. I think it is better to just demolished the old house and start from the scratch.I didn’t dream of a big house, I always like a single detached bungalow.

Cute ..Simple.. and cozy.

6. Have faith, no one can defined one’s vulnerability and difficulties. I believed my courage comes in faith. I am always thankful of any blessings no matter how small it is.

Ladies, I am so proud to say at age 58, I feel fulfilled ,having done my obligation with so much love and passion…oh don’t give me that look!…yeah don’t say I failed in one aspect “marriage” (Please bring down your eyebrow) well, I survived 25 years isn’t it? Besides, It’s a mutual decision, sometimes you just have to let go in order to process the pain and be healed in time.

” Sometimes, falling is not hard if you know how to get up with grace..What is important..stand firmed and hit your goal”

Drum roll again! Life is beautiful 🙂

Oh, I forgot to mention ,say hello to our new fam member “Arya” the puppy 🙂



jamilamimi @beautybeyondfity

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Uber versus Careem: a review


photo grabs at careem website

It’s been quiet long time I wanted to write a review but I was caught up with a busy schedule  (rolling my eyes…anything new? )

If you missed my blog about uber and easy taxi please click Uber or Easy taxi in Jeddah, my choice?

Did you hear about the fiasco in Philippines about Uber and taxi?  in which Uber was suspended for a month for a violation done while there was investigation going on. What? What about those taxis who over charged, drivers who are rude, was there any suspension done immediately? NONE!

We all knew how Uber made our life easy especially here in Jeddah. I hesitated for a while to use careem for a reason that I got used using Uber. But one day, there was a problem with my credit card and I can not book a Uber to work. Careem has choices of payment… either you pay cash, card or top your bank card any amount to save it in your wallet or you can even use qitaf points (from stc) to pay your ride.

And my first ride was awesome! Lexus.. yes! that was the model of the car 🙂 and I was smiling from the inside because my ride was only 7SR (seven saudi riyals). If it was an ordinary taxi, I would still bargain to pay 10 riyals plus a filthy taxi and a smelly driver, though not in general, you can also find a clean taxi with a clean driver 🙂

And so my ride with careem is super! I was able to experienced different car models and drivers who are not only polite but speaks english too. I feel rich having a chauffeur with Lexus, BMW, Saab etc. I was tempted to ask why they do careem when they have this big luxury cars but you know, this is Jeddah, ladies are not supposed to be friendly with strangers 🙂

Today, I was lucky to ride with Mr Abduelah whose car is Hyundai Santa Fe, I forgot my eyeglass in his car and I contacted careem and it was an immediate communication to the Captain and wallah! my eyeglass was returned promptly! If this was an ordinary taxi, how could I ever retrieved my eyeglass?

So, I hope the Philippines gov’t should think about the system of Uber compared to the ordinary taxi. Taxi owners should compete fairly with the Uber, as what careem did to Uber. I think taxi in Philippines should have an improved and reliable system so the passengers are safe and not abused by an ordinary taxis.

Ladies, let me know your experience with Careem!


Jamilamimi (beautybeyondfifty)



Nobu Hotel-City of dreams or nightmares?


I went for a very short trip to Philippines to visit my family. Aboard Malaysian airlines, I opted to travel on Business Class, 9 hours from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpor and another 3 hrs to Manila and an hour and 20 minutes to the island of Catanduanes.

My friends were skeptic about choosing Malaysian Airlines 🙂  remember the missing plane? well, I told them, it’s great! my family won’t be spending money to my funeral instead they will received a compensation for my disappearance! Kidding aside, the flight was smooth and on time!

the chair

The meal

And so, to make the story a bit shorter, I also choose a new and rated five-star hotel named City of Dreams – Nobu hotel, located near NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport). I booked for two adults, hoping my mom would come with me but she didn’t. At checked in I was told that the deal I got in was a honeymoon suite with free breakfast for two and a beautiful view of the pool. Hence, I am leaving early morning, the front desk officer asked.

Would you like to take a packed breakfast instead?

Yes, that would be great! but only for one (hence I’m the only one who would travel)

The room… two bed,two glasses,two slippers, two robes everything is for two! I was curious about the Casino, I was surprised , it’s full of gamers huh? What happened to poverty in Philippines? well, I answered my own question, this is only a small part of the population, the big picture is not here.

City of dreams has two more annexed hotel,namely “Crown ” and Hyatt”. It has also a luxurious brand shopping mall and an entertainment place for kids .

It also houses the famous Nobu restaurant. I had a chance to dine at Nobu Restaurant in Dubai, UAE and I enjoyed the seven course meal. But to my dismay, the breakfast buffet at Nobu restaurant in City of dreams was far from I experienced in a five-star hotels.

My view


The nightmare…

I was not feeling well but I slept good on my first night. As I opened the curtain the following morning, I was shocked! A maintenance man was putting all his gadget right in front of my window…OMG! I hurriedly closed the curtain, it’s good, I was dressed properly.

I took this shot, after I recovered from the shock and I told myself, I need to speak to the duty manager of the day. I should have been notified about the maintenance.



I was suffering form Laryngitis so my voice was nil  and yet I managed to relate my complaint to the duty manager and she readily apologised for the inconvenience. She sent a peace-offering to relieved the loss of my voice and hoping my annoyance will disappear


The same morning I invited my high school friend to have breakfast with me and another confusion came. I was told I only have one complimentary breakfast. What? (rolling my eyes as there was no voice coming out from my mouth).

Again, I asked for a duty manager , This is ridiculous !My room reservation is for two adults and I have two complimentary breakfast upon check in. how come I only have one? They are lucky I loss my voice otherwise , I will be fuming with words…

Anyhow, this is my city of nightmare, I was not satisfied with my stay and I will not think of coming back again.

Nope, Thank you!




My Lady no. 7 – Sophie Defensor- Victoria

so3aI lost two kilo in ten days and when my best friend came for a short holiday, I regained it in two days hahaha. That’s how we bond! We find happiness in food! Who cares we’re the beauties beyond fifties 🙂

My lucky lady at no 7 is a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) graduate of University of San Agustin, Iloilo City, born September 18, 1962.

Wow blooming at 53!


She lives in London, UK . She comes to Jeddah, every six months to visit her husband and her friends, she has only one very handsome son, who is currently studying Chemical Engineering in UK.

Sophie is a very devoted mother, her dreams revolves around her only son..

Do you have any other dream for yourself?

– of course I do! I like to travel around the world.

You travel a lot! isn’t it? how long you’ve worked as expatriates?

– I’ve been in Jeddah for 26 yrs, I travelled around the world but it’s like a working holiday. I would like to explore the world without thinking about work. I have worked hard and I would like to retire while I still have energy and can enjoy the scenery.

What is your motto in life?

“Dream big, work hard. Stay focused and surround yourself with good friends “


My friend Sophie is a very energetic woman, she exudes a happy-go-lucky attitude but beware when she is not in the mood, her tongue is like a sword that cut deep 🙂

We didn’t have enough time to do all the chitchat, I still have to go back to work after we did the impronto photo shoot. Hopefully , I will do another photo shoot when I have the chance to visit her in London.



Weekly Photo Challenge : Symmetry

MOA - Philippines

MOA – Philippines


Weekly Photo Challenge : split second story

Catanduanes- a place of simplicity and a nature of beauty

Bagamanoc ,Catanduanes

Bagamanoc ,Catanduanes


Sagrada,Viga Catanduanes

Road trip: Viga-Payo-Bagamanoc-Soboc in search of “Kinis” Part 2

To panganiban (payo)

To panganiban (payo)

We arrived Viga at 8:30 in the morning, we asked our family friend to find “kinis” (crab)for us, back then when we were young, the crabs were sold in a bag made of nipa palm leaves.Unfortunately, it was not available on that time of the day, so we decided to continue our road trip to Panganiban (payo) and Bagamanoc.

 photo credit: experience Catanduanes

Nipa palm leaves for crabs on sale: Photo credit (Experience Catanduanes)

Banquerohan bridge

Banquerohan bridge

According to my research, when the 2nd world war broke out, Viga became the centre of Guerrilla movement in the province.The battle between the Guerrillas and escaping Japanese forces were simultaneously fought at Banquerohan bridge. (source:

The abundance of swampy area and palms leads to mud crabs harvest but I didn’t see any one selling “Kinis” (crabs)!

We went around until we reached Bagamanoc, still “Kinis” (crab) is nowhere to be found, huh! not my day 😦 and yet so happy to be here, so refreshing!

beautiful day

beautiful day

my travel companion (my bros)

my travel companion (my bros)… special thanks to Carmela

For so many years, this our first time to travel to the north, It was fun to have this two bodyguards 🙂 psst… did I mentioned we are all  beyond fifties?  hehehe peace !


With “kinis” or no “Kinis” the scenery was just too much to take in…a real beauty of simplicity!

Nipa palm leaves

Nipa palm leaves

The famous ” Buto ni Kurakog” -a phallic – shaped land formation off the coast of Ilihan point. O la la! what’s behind this shape?

Buto ni Kurakog

Buto ni Kurakog

My apology to those who have virgin mind 🙂 Buto means “Penis” and Kurakog according to the legend is the name of the Giant who was madly in love with a local barrio lass who committed suicide because her parents disapproved her relationship to Kurakog. Kurakog got depressed and died eventually leaving his “penis” as a memory to the locals. Either your jaw dropped or you’re smiling aha! please read the rest of my road trip story, get some tea if you may or take a deep breath to recover hahaha , just kidding.


Well so much for the legend, let’s move back to the main road, what I noticed about Catanduanes, there are public schools at every district we passed by, it doesn’t matter if the population are small, I am so proud to conclude that ‘Education” is given a priority even into the remote area.

It was almost lunch time and we haven’t found “Kinis” yet, we went back to Viga and had lunch with our family friend. Thank you so much Manal itoy, I was starving and forgot to take a picture of “laing” (taro leaves with coconut milk).


Viga District hospital where it all started…my father popularly known as “Dr. Mariano” worked in this hospital,the reason why we became bicolanos 🙂 . Few meters away from this place, we had a farm, my father and my siblings planted rice, corn and peanuts…me? well, the only girl in the family, I played around, I helped in harvesting peanuts and sneaked out few fresh peanuts in my mouth, so crunchy and sweet 😉 I love the weekends, eating lunch under the coconut trees. Oh, those moments …it’s unforgettable!

From Viga, we went to Buenavista (Hitis) , at one point we got out of the car and savour the fresh air and marvel at the sight of the pacific ocean. A marvellous day for all of us!





From the top we saw the shoreline of Soboc beach.


and here it is… Soboc, Catanduanes…so simple and yet so beautiful!


2014-04-12 at 10-47-31


On our way back , we passed by a small store to buy coca-cola, I knew there’s no cola in a can, so I was expecting it will be in a plastic bag with a plastic straw, wow! exciting authentic… but to my dismay, my brother handed me a disposable glass, huh! way to go Soboc! improving ;-


DSC_7270Going back to Virac, we passed by Cockpit (sabungan). I stayed inside the car, though I wanted to get pictures of the cock-fighting but I hesitated, It will be odd to see a woman inside the arena of men.

cock lose,feathers out and skinned..hanged into fried chicken for dinner

rooster lost,feathers out, skinned and hanged.. into fried chicken for dinner

and so that’s the end of our road trip…oh wait. did I got KINIS? nope! nothing in Viga -Panganiban-Bagamanoc -Soboc .

small Fish stalls

small Fish stalls

not even here at the fish stall…

The following day, we went to Virac Plaza, there was demonstration or maybe a labor strike, I am not sure.



then.. at the bazaar where they showcase products of Catanduanes…

ah! there KINIS big ones…O lalala! only here at the plaza.. 🙂  😉  🙂



Ladies, I shall end here, hoping you enjoy my photos and happy that I found my “KINIS” lol!



©Copyrights protected

Road trip: Viga-Payo-Bagamanoc -Suboc in search of “Kinis”( Part 1)

From Saudi Arabia to Abu Dhabi to Manila, Philippines

From Saudi Arabia to Abu Dhabi to Manila, Philippines

From Manila to Catanduanes

From Manila to Catanduanes

Imagine the trip I took to reach the island of Catanduanes,… brace yourself with a cup of tea while reading my tour, this is the longest blog I ever written, I hope I can tickle your mind to a place of simplicity, a nature of beauty and serenity…

San Andres - Virac- Bato - Baras- Sagrada - Oco - Viga Payo- Bagamanoc-Soboc

San Andres – Virac- Bato – Baras- Sagrada – Oco – Viga Payo- Bagamanoc-Soboc

Catanduanes – the “Land of the Howling Winds” , commonly named because of its geographical proximity to the pacific ocean,making it directly open to the path of tropical cyclones, typhoons are normally occurring any month of the year. Good luck to our trip, rain or shine, here we go! 🙂

11 municipalities

11 municipalities


The island has 11 municipalities : Virac, San Andres(Calolbon), Caramoran, Pandan, Bato, Gigmoto, Baras, Panganiban (Payo), Bagamanoc, Viga and San Miguel. We only have few days holiday so we thought, It would be nice to re-traced our memory lane to the place where we grew up search for the famous “kinis” (king of crab) and who would not crave for the sweet taste of newly harvest parto (small shrimp) and “balisongsong” a native sweet glutinous rice/coconut wrapped in banana leaves! Hmmm so tasty that I was drooling (literally) in my dreams hahaha 🙂

my two brothers

my two brothers


Though I was not born in Catanduanes,l considered this as my home.I studied elementary in Viga and High School in Virac ,hence, I can speak both southern (Virac) and northern (Viga) bicolano dialect. Neither any one of my parents are natives of Catanduanes nor our ancestors. I was born in Lupon, Davao, where my father worked as Hospital Dentist. He was inadvertently assigned to Viga when I was only 6 years old. To make the story short, I considered myself as Bicolana.


Let’s move on…at 6:30 in the morning, we left Virac, the capital town of Catanduanes, passing through Cabugao to Bato.

Bato bridge

Bato bridge


Bato Bridge, the longest bridge I have seen in Catanduanes. Year 1980, I was a fresh graduate and worked at Bato Maternity Hospital, there was no concrete bridge then, I have to ride a small boat to cross the river and tricycle by land so I can go to work everyday.

We didn’t cross the bridge at this time but we did it the following day, we had a quick stop at Buenavista to see the DOST Weather Radar Station.

Weather Radar station

Weather Radar station

spectacular view at the back of the radar station

spectacular view at the back of the radar station

From Bato, we went to Baras to see the white beach of Puraran.

Well, lets go back to the main road, passing through the Bato bridge, we passed the mountainous and hills side of going to the North.

north bound concrete road

north bound concrete road

Here are some of the scenery along the road..It is common to see Abaca on the road, after all, Catanduanes remained the biggest producer of Abaca in the Philippines.

The ride was not bumpy at all, it was a good day for all of us 🙂

At the middle of our road trip, we found  ” Cathy’s Spring Resort” at Sagrada, a well-kept resort , good for travellers to stop and dine or maybe take a deep breath, smell the freshness of flowers, the green mountains, sit down and relax…if I only knew, I could have brought my swimming gear and swim the whole morning! 🙂 but…it’s only road trip remember?

From Sagrada to Oco and when I saw the summit bridge, I knew were so near to Viga town proper, my heart was pounding so hard that I can’t concentrate which scenery I should took a photo. My childhood memories were coming back, this is it! 🙂 beautybeyondfifty…life is not all about work…life is looking back where I came from…

Hurray! finally were here…

DSC_7018My brother reminded me that our old house backyard was in proximity to the river.

Do you remember the day you went out of the school and didn’t come home on time? he asked. Rolling my eyes, who would not forget that day! I guess the town was in fiesta…like finding nemo..Where is mimi? hahaha, I can laugh it off now, but memories were still vivid, I can still clearly draw in my mind the face of my father, so furious to find out, I was not at school but where?… your guess is right! I was swimming, jumping freely with my classmates and the carabaos (water buffalo) lol!.

Suddenly, a group of adult and children were rushing to the river and in the middle of them all, my father stands tall, red face, his hand pulling out his belt .. hurriedly I came off the river, grabbed my clothes and in seconds. PAK! PAK! I felt the pain on my butt, there was no time to cry, I knew it was my fault 😦

Stop.. this is road trip, not a story of my life ..let’s move on (again) 😉

nothing left of our old house

nothing left of our old house

It was overwhelming to see the skeleton of our old house. I can’t get off my feet out of the car, it was the biggest house on that street and now? nothing left! ;-( so sad but don’t get me wrong, a lot of happy memories out there 🙂 for one, reminiscing the fun moment when there was no electricity and my father bought a live crab (kinis) for dinner. The crab was all bundled in a bucket and was placed at the corner of the kitchen. After awhile, I heard our helper screaming! Apparently one of the crab got out from the bucket .. crawled and bit her toe. It seemed, the crab had better eyesight at dark.Oh well, she survived( helper )and the crab didn’t! hahaha yummy Kinis (crab).

Parish Church at Viga town proper.

Not done yet?  alright…have some more tea because were moving to Panganiban (payo) and Bagamanoc 🙂


Oh well, I changed my mind …let’s do a part 2 of this Road trip…shall we?



©Copy rights protected


Road trip day 4: Puraran Surf Beach, Baras, Catanduanes

2014-04-15 at 07-29-53

Day 4 and still cloudy, rain showers every hour but our feet was just so itchy to move to another secluded place, a newest attraction in the island of Catanduanes. The place is small but so serene and if you are a nature beach lover and love to surf, this is the place for you – Puraran Beach Resort, Baras, Catanduanes.

2014-04-15 at 07-29-49

2014-04-15 at 07-28-23

the road to the majestic puraran beach!

2014-04-15 at 07-28-08

So serene and beautiful place!

2014-04-15 at 07-36-19

The younger versions of me 🙂

alright pretending we are the surfers!

2014-04-15 at 07-30-10

few cottages a lot of privacy!

2014-04-15 at 07-32-39

Not so much to write, we didn’t stay long. Oh! rain.. rain.. go away…sure were coming back Puraran! And maybe we can actually learn how to surf 🙂 (that… if my knees will allow ) hahaha growing young my dear 🙂



Born in Jeddah..What is your Native language?

Peace begins with a smile..

Peace begins with a smile..

I was talking to a friend last night about children who was born outside the Philippines with a Filipino parents and speaks fluent English but have difficulty in speaking our very own language “Tagalog”. He was very passionate discussing his views that our conversation lasted for three hours OMG! nosebleed 🙂

English or Tagalog

Why do you think mostly of Filipino children born outside the Philippines speak English more than Tagalog?

Why do we have to speak English at home? Why do we encourage them to speak English only at home and not our own Language? Isn’t it that they are learning English at school? With their friends?… after all, they live outside Philippines and the common Language is English!

Who is a better teacher in English, the teacher whose native Language is English? or the Filipino parents whose native Language is Tagalog? why not speak Tagalog at home? Don’t you think you are rubbing them off of the opportunity to be bilingual?

Universal Language

First of all, English is a universal Language, it is a common knowledge ..if children speak English fluently, they will have an edge to those who does not..they have a better opportunity to find a job and a better interaction to people around the world.

Guilty as Charged

I can only speak for myself, I am guilty as charged of not speaking Tagalog at home with my sons while they were growing up, not because we lost our patriotism or I didn’t think they are smart enough to be bilingual but because my priority for them is to speak English fluently… yes they learned English at school but practicing at home will also help.Thank goodness, they didn’t acquire my Filipino English accent! 🙂 not that it is wrong to acquire it but my philosophy is.. you have to learn it the right way!

For awhile, I have to agree that it was a struggle for my eldest son not to speak Tagalog fluently, he lost his own identity in his own birth place because he does not speak Tagalog but eventually he did learned the Language. It would have been better if I taught him myself,.. moving on…it was a blessing that he speaks both English and Tagalog and a bit of Arabic as well.

Native Language

My youngest son, was born in Jeddah obviously his first Language is English, should I say his native language is Tagalog?

What is native Language? a Language a child learned first at home versus a language learned later in life.

but because he was born to a Filipino parents, he also learned how to speak tagalog though not as fluent as he speaks English. He only goes home to Philippines once a year just for a short holiday and not totally emerged to the Filipino culture. He was born in Jeddah but did not acquired the Saudi culture instead he was exposed to a multi cultural environment which gave him the benefits of interacting/learning different culture which help him to be a well- rounded person, of not being judgemental of others belief, attitude and behaviour. I am so proud to say he is now multi lingual (English,Tagalog,Arabic,German, French) and holds a very high interpersonal and social skills which will lead him to better path in a near future.

I say his native Language and primary Language is bilingual, English and Tagalog.

He might not be as proficient or as fluent in Tagalog but he can understand and able to appropriately response back.

My verdict?

There is nothing wrong in speaking English at home as long as the child knows he can also speak and understand Tagalog. It is not about patriotism because English is widely used as a form of communication in and out of the country. It helps to identify you as a Filipino but it doesn’t defines who you are!

What is wrong then?..if you imposed or encouraged not to speak Tagalog at all!

” Learn English well and connect to the world. Learn Filipino well and connect to our country. ” – (Aquino 2010)

I rest my case 🙂 😉

Ladies, feed me up, I like to hear from you 🙂





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