Age 57: Mom shaming

Have you read recently the blog of Maggie Wilson about”mom shaming?” She is on point! Who are you to judge a mom according to what she wears? Can you tell a good mom from just looking at her? SHAME ON YOU!


From jumper to skirt : If I wear the skirt with my abs showing, will I be less as a mom? If I wear it as a jumper, will I be like trying hard?


I know there are appropriate dresses or attire in a particular occasions. Are there appropriate dresses on a particular age group? Like when you are already a “mom” you can’t wear shorts short? When you are in your fifties or beyond you can’t wear this and that? Who said what, who and why?

Are you dressing to please other people? Or are you dressing to please yourself?

Everyone has different style, different reasons ,different moods and its personal choice not yours to decide!


If you wear jeans like teens, does it makes me a bad or good mom? Does everyone knew what I have been through? Does everyone knew that I have raised two young professionals son who are well-respected in their own chosen field?

Do you know what mom went through in order to raised her children? Is she going to be judge by one occasion? by one dress?


If I post my daily beauty routines, will I be judge like I don’t take care of my children?

What is mom shaming? to my knowledge, mom shaming is like a disease that is contagious and communicable at the same time! a mom having negative feedback to another mom who doesn’t have the same belief as hers.

Seriously, are you perfect?

I believe mom who hurt other mom has some issues to herself. She throws her negative thoughts to other mom because she is envious of what other mom has accomplished. She is envious because she can’t do what other mom can do. Or simply, She loves to gossip because she has all the time, she is free for dilly dallying and bashed other moms.

Ladies, why don’t we just support each other. Let us inspires each other, as what Maggie put it, I hope this post lights a spark.





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Moms day with bff!

Do you wish it’s always a mom’s day?

I do 🙂

Why it’s only once a year?

I’m lucky that I celebrated twice ! Last month was mother’s day in Jeddah and this month is for Philippines mother ‘s day.

Actually, we can always celebrate any day we wish! Speaking for myself, I always appreciate the simple things that my son’s were able to achieved. We’re living so far apart, literally in three different continent :-). Every time that I was able to video chat with them is a celebration for me! I feel awesome hearing their stories,ideas, practically anything that’s happening to them is a bonus. Sharing each stories makes me feel I am still a part of their growth even though they are both independent adult. Though ,I wish we live together I am happy for their achievements no matter how small or big it is, I know that one day they will make a mark in this complicated world. Yeah it’s complicated but hey ! let’s just be happy of what we have and continue to move forward to achieve our goal and if life becomes more complicated, look back who were you before and now, think of the struggles, think of the accomplishments and blessings and life would be simple to take in!

So, what’s the big deal of celebrating Mother’s Day?

Well, this is a day you receive smiling faces celebrating your day. This is the day you receive greetings from your love ones attesting how you are as a mother. This is the day you can have a day off and be surrounded with love ones and receive flowers and chocolates too!

Ok cut out the drama 🙂 in reality I think mothers would like to pamper themselves too! what’s the first in your list? Come on.. don’t giggles ..I know what you’re thinking!


right? but have you wish someone will give you a gift of shopping spree 😮

Spa? beauty treatment? jewelry?

Yes, now we’re talking, have you thought that each day of your life you think of your love ones and not yourself? Each day spent is for them? cook, clean, work!

So… today is the day! It’s a one day in a year… Happy mother’s day to all! I do hope you enjoy your day and this day is not just an ordinary day for you.

What about me?

Hence , I’m so far away from my sons, I celebrated “ME” day with my sister (from another mother), pampering ourself in Eric Zeimmour salon.

She did her hair, isn’t she gorgeous?

I did my nails and eyebrow .. we’re ready to party hurray!

After the salon date, we went to Uptown and celebrate the night with the family.


Cheers to all mom!


In blue mood

There’s nothing like being at home … and while I’m under the blue mood… I paint like i could 🙂

So I tried on t shirt…

on my pants…


Stress free fabric paint 🙂

Ladies, this is a fun way to relieve stress, crazy me? Oh yeah! For me this is an activity that calmed my nerves, divert my attention and not think of things that add to my life’s stresses.

Try it 🙂




Weekly photo challenge: vibrant

Bloom and keep growing even you are fifty and beyond..


Photographer: Edge M.Suarez

Location: Santa Monica, California USA

Photos were taken last October 2015 on my 56th birthday, I got a surprise flowers and cupcake from my two sons.Sweet!

<a href=””>Vibrant</a&gt;





You’re the only one!

for my one and only

for my one and only

I made this for you on your special day,

Red tulip for your red lips, i know you like red lips 🙂

If I am on your side, I’ll bake you strawberry cheesecake

Take you to shopping and chowking, I know you’ll ask for it 🙂

It’s been 55 years, I said all the things I love and wish for you…

At 87th I can’t think no more, only thank God for all the blessings

and may He give you more strength and years of healthy living…

I thank you for the endless love and care you’re giving to papa,

You are the best among the best!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…Happy Birthday ma!




My mom rocks but she loves Chowking!

my mom and I

my mom and I

Working outside the Philippines has a trade-off and one of those.. is seeing my parents only once a year. This year, I have time to bond with my mom (my dad had a mild stroke and can not travel anymore).

A week before I went back to Jeddah, I asked my mom:

Me: mama would you like to come with me to Manila?

Mama: eh paano ang papa mo, sinung mag -aalaga? (what about your dad? who will take care of him?) her eyes twinkling and there was a faint smile at the corner of her lips, meaning she wanted to come but can’t leave without my dad.

Me and my siblings: don’t worry ma, all your grandchildren can take care of dad .

Mama: what about coming back, I can’t travel alone?

Me: ma, i will let the stewardess take care of you!

 her smile widened and wallah! off to Manila.

bound for manila

bound for manila

I was so excited to bond with my mom but let me tell you a secret: I have six brothers and I am the only daughter, I guess you are thinking hmmm spoiled? nope! I am not, was not and will never be! My father is a strict disciplinarian but I am closer to him than my mom.When I was in high school, I was always voted as muse or oftentimes as a beauty contestant. I never heard my mom says: “My daughter is beautiful”. She even said: kuh bakit ba ikaw ang napipili palagi eh marami naman diyan maganda! sabay kurot! (oh! why always you? there’s a lot of beautiful girls around?)and she pinched my side tenderly. When I say, I love you ma, she never reply ” I love you too my only daughter. In short, my mom is minimalist in words of affection.

I was determined to give her the best of times, I made sure the hotel we checked- in was near the shopping mall, who doesn’t love shopping? We all do!! 🙂

The Heritage hotel is near Mall of Asia

The Heritage hotel is near Mall of Asia


Mama: ang ganda naman rito, magkano ba ang one night? (it’s nice here, how much per night?) 

Me: enjoy ka lang ma, wag mong isipin kung magkano. (just enjoy ma, don’t think how much)

We had breakfast buffet every morning and my mom said: Ang dami- dami naman pagkain, ang hirap pumili, buti pa sa chowking. ( there’s so much food, difficult to choose, it’s better in chowking!)

Chowking , a Chinese -Filipino fast food restaurant that serves Chicken Lauriat meal (fried chicken,noodles,rice,pork siomai,butchi and chipcharap) in one order and cost less than a hundred pesos (less than USD 2.00). While buffet in hotel cost a thousand pesos per head (22.00USD) and more.

so tired but i felt her happiness

so tired but i felt her happiness

We visited her only brother whom she didn’t see for many years and this was like” mission accomplished” for me, it was like seeing a reality show, the emotions was high and I couldn’t control my tears.


It was holy week and mostly of the shops were closed but we manage to went around and dined with other family members.

TGIF! and again my mom said: buti pa sa Chowking! (it’s better in chowking) hahaha if only Kris Aquino (chowking endorser) can hear this, mom will be the best endorser!

I took her to David’s Salon ( a popular and expensive salon in Mall of Asia). She did her hair and nails. After I paid and she knew how expensive it was, she said, it was better in Virac (our province of Catanduanes) a lot cheaper and they cut hair better than here. 🙂

I gave her money for shopping so she can get what she wants but every time she looks at the tag price, she would abandon it … mom: ang mahal naman! (so expensive!) 

Manila bay sunset

Manila bay sunset

It was a long day for both of us, I was tired carrying the shopping bags and I couldn’t get more pictures anymore but..guess what? My mom did not forget to mentioned” let’s eat in chowking!”

So we did! (no photos, tired of going around) 🙂

Mama, I know you enjoyed your trip and chowking 🙂  and even though you don’t say it, I always feel you love me too as much as you love my brothers, Even though we have different taste in clothes, food and lifestyles, I know you had fun bonding with me. I will always look forward to spend time with you and papa.

and yes, I LOVE YOU TOO!




Mirror…mirror on the wall will I look like her at 86?

How do you know if your beautiful bride will be as gorgeous when she hit fifty  and beyond?

Oh well, look at the mother..most likely she will be like her!

yes, most likely…meaning you also have to take care of yourself don’t depend on genetic. My mom was so skinny when she was in her single days and grew bigger when she had her babies (7 children – 2 yrs apart), I used to say to myself, oh my! I’ll be like her when I have my own children. No way! but then she started to lose weight and manage to stay slim until now. She still have that smile, I guess that’s how my papa got attracted to her. Well, I’m keeping my hopes high to look like her 🙂

Aside from physically gorgeous, she also has sense of humour, I love to listen to her stories and she still cooks delicious meal at age 86.


my papa at age 90

A lot of people said, I look more like my papa (90 yrs.old)

Hmmm, maybe? or a combination of both?

Oh my dear mama, if I have a magic mirror, I will ask:

Mirror…mirror on the wall will I look like her when I am 86?

Mirror…mirror on the wall I don’t need your answer but I want you to give her

the best of health and an everlasting happiness!



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Daily Prompt: Hi mom!

Hi mom! I have written a lot about you… today it would be different, I would like to share to you what my first son had written about me. Yes about his mom! (that’s me, with a capital M and a broad smile). For without you, I would not be receiving this kind words from him. You have made me what I am today. Thank you so much!


“After 7 years in college. After countless mistakes. Learning the hard way. After all that, all you had to say was “the past is gone and done with. You learned from it and it made you stronger. Now, go and chase your dreams”. Okay, maybe those weren’t your words but I think I got the gist of it. This was the day you took me to Hawaii. You helped me cross off the first of many places I want to go to before I die. And the same way you introduced me to drawing when I was a kid, this was also the same day you bought me my first camera. Thank you mom, for letting me learn the hard way and sticking with me through those days. Thank you for pushing me to keep chasing my dreams. I love you so much.”

Isn’t it wonderful mom? I owe you a lot of things, a lot of wisdom, a lot of beauty (in and out) but most of all, I owe you an infinite love that only mothers can give and this is pay back time… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

“A Mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary “- Dorothy Canfield Fisher

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Flowers of Lucerne (Luzern) – for you

Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world – Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844.

Words have spoken …Let flowers speak for you on this special day let the world knows how happy and proud I am to be  your mother, friend and confidante. I wish you were with me in Lucerne (Luzern in German)Switzerland. It is always a pleasure to be with you, I surely miss our chit-chat, our common ground (food) hehehe and your camera, or would i say the many sessions of photo shoots!

My wish for you is good health and may your dream turns into reality.

Happy Happy birthday. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

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More summits to climb

dinner date at see-restaurant,Luzern lake Switzerland

Eighteen years ago, I could not imagine how my life would be without you on my side. Since you were born, you gave us the moments, the high points, it doesn’t matter how you make me cry, how you gave me that expressions of “knowing it all”, how you utter those words, “of being alone most of the time, of not being there when you needed me”, I knew it was just a transition of adolescence to an independent young adult (somehow, a mixed emotions) and how you always differ or argue to my views.. you always get away with your antics of “hit and miss” but in my heart I knew, you are the person who always stick to what you believes in and not easily be persuaded unless the circumstances has been patiently explained. You are the kindest person that a friend could ever have, always supportive and caring.

I always remember the first: first time you look at us and smile, first time to roll, walk and run, first time to talk, first time to go to school, first baseball game, first dance, and first girlfriend. How about the last time? Yes, I also remember the last time: last time you gave me flowers and b-day notes, last time you slept in my room, last time you were in the honor roll, last time you hug and kissed me in front of your classmates. If I am going to write all the first and last time, words are not enough, because I remember all the moments and highlights of your existence.


We have experienced a roller coaster of emotions, the ups and downs of life…the transitions of growing up, of being a family of different addresses and now you are embarking to another chapter, another highlight, another summit  and I know, the path is not as easy as it may seem. But hey! I trust you and it’s always proven when Kevin wants Kevin gets! (Wink)When Kevin said he will do it, he will with flying colors(another wink).

Letting go is not always easy but I know your new-found independence is a bittersweet moments for me, believe it or not, I haven’t visited your empty room yet, I don’t want to feel your absence. You know how happy I am for you to be in that position; this is the most significance steps in your life that I don’t want to miss and rest assured you will always be on my thoughts and prayers.

my kevs at the lobby of Cesar Ritz College of Switzerland

So my dear Kevin, I wish you good health and may you have more birthdays to come and more summits to climb, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, Happy happy birthday!








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