My lady no.8- Marietta de Castro

Have you fall in love with the same person who you haven’t seen for many years?

Have you found the one that get away and re-connected?

It was a mixed emotion of love, excitement and hoping… What if?

It’s been awhile I did not feature any lady beyond fifty aka beauty beyond fifty. Hence, it’s a month of love, I would like to share a glimpsed of love story of my lady no.8, Marietta de Castro – Mayette ,as we fondly call her.. is my high school classmate and best friend way back in 70’s. I know in your head, your counting our age hahahaha! To spare your mind thinking, She is 58 years old.


Mayette is one of our top ten students in High school.Like everyone else, after HS grad, each one went on separate ways, though we were able to connect at one time when we were in College, that was my first and last time I saw her with her then boyfriend Paul.

Fast forward, I saw her again after four years, me as a registered nurse but recently enrolled in UE college of Dentistry and OMG! She was pregnant!Her first born was my first godson but I never had a chance to really re-connect. I got pre-occupied with my studies and she as a young mom. And guess what? I got married too and went abroad. We got reconnected at our HS reunion. So the next thing we knew, I am working as a Dentist with two sons and she, as a business lady with 3 children! Wow!

Guess what? I saw her again after so many years, children were all grown up, my first godson died, she recently separated from her husband and my marriage was also on the rocks. What a coincidence! Though our living condition is different, our path seems to cross every four years with such drama that we re-connect as if we just saw each other yesterday.

So here’s the interesting love story of 2018, Paul her college boyfriend, went to USA and remained single all these years. Last year, they re-connected through Facebook and what comes next is a wonderful sparks that was put on hold and re-opened.


Though Mayette has been separated and her marriage was not registered and did not co-exist, in Philippines, once you are married and not annulled, you are still considered married. (rolling my eyes up and away) hypocrisy isn’t it?

However, fate as its own way, her then husband died of cancer and so mayette is now legally single – widowed.

I know, your guess is right! Paul came to Philippines and got engaged with our lady in red, Mayette. 🙂 wow!


I will save the love story in the next chapter..

For now, I like to make a toast for you Mayette, may this be the beginning of your happy journey and I know what ever obstacle you may encounter will just be an icing on the cake for you, having suffered so many mishap, this journey will be bounded and guarded with love. My best wishes to you and Paul.

Happy Valentines day!



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Weekly photo challenge: Shadow

Happy Valentine’s everyone!

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it’s what you are expected to give ” – unknown

2015-10-03 at 01-55-37

<a href=””>Shadow</a&gt;

Do you remember?


The first time you fall in love?

You hear the fast heartbeat ..the growling of stomach…

food poisoning?

but for you it is love…

the redness of your face whenever he stares at you..


 but for you it is love..

the trembling knees and the sweating of hands..


but for you it is love..

floating in the air


but for you it is love..

and slowly the symptoms started to disappear


I don’t even remember 🙂

2015-10-04 at 08-19-39



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wordless saturday

Weekly Photo Challenge : Muse

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

What subject I keep on coming back? Flowers! any kind of flowers, this is my favourite subject wherever I go or even I am not going always fascinate me the colours it gives.


flower for your dream

flower for your dream




Just look into my eyes…

Is being alone synonymous to loneliness? Sometimes life is so hard when you are alone but sometimes life  is too good to be alone.sketcharabi1a

Just look into my eyes..tell me what you see…


silence of my tears echoed my loneliness

but look again…feel my happiness

contentment is all that I seek for…fulfillment is what I look for

Just look into my eyes…

fill it with dreams…unlock the truth

fill my solitude…give me strength

take me into your heart…

your love is all what I needed the most

beyond misery…beyond loneliness…

just look into my eyes

beyond reasons…beyond life.


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Sunset Rendezvous at Al Ula Plateau

The most thrilling and unforgettable Eid Al adha holiday was  reaching the top of the Al Ula plateau, a height of more than thousand meters, overlooking the town of Ula. The chill of chasing the sunset was awesome and having a group of friends who are just as lovely as the sunset, what  more can we ask?

Here’s an example of “forever lover at sunset” a story beyond aka (Richard and Dawn … I”m sorry I was not able to take the story of “Coco and Julia” as my shots are over -exposed.

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More summits to climb

dinner date at see-restaurant,Luzern lake Switzerland

Eighteen years ago, I could not imagine how my life would be without you on my side. Since you were born, you gave us the moments, the high points, it doesn’t matter how you make me cry, how you gave me that expressions of “knowing it all”, how you utter those words, “of being alone most of the time, of not being there when you needed me”, I knew it was just a transition of adolescence to an independent young adult (somehow, a mixed emotions) and how you always differ or argue to my views.. you always get away with your antics of “hit and miss” but in my heart I knew, you are the person who always stick to what you believes in and not easily be persuaded unless the circumstances has been patiently explained. You are the kindest person that a friend could ever have, always supportive and caring.

I always remember the first: first time you look at us and smile, first time to roll, walk and run, first time to talk, first time to go to school, first baseball game, first dance, and first girlfriend. How about the last time? Yes, I also remember the last time: last time you gave me flowers and b-day notes, last time you slept in my room, last time you were in the honor roll, last time you hug and kissed me in front of your classmates. If I am going to write all the first and last time, words are not enough, because I remember all the moments and highlights of your existence.


We have experienced a roller coaster of emotions, the ups and downs of life
the transitions of growing up, of being a family of different addresses and now you are embarking to another chapter, another highlight, another summit  and I know, the path is not as easy as it may seem. But hey! I trust you and it’s always proven when Kevin wants Kevin gets! (Wink)When Kevin said he will do it, he will with flying colors(another wink).

Letting go is not always easy but I know your new-found independence is a bittersweet moments for me, believe it or not, I haven’t visited your empty room yet, I don’t want to feel your absence. You know how happy I am for you to be in that position; this is the most significance steps in your life that I don’t want to miss and rest assured you will always be on my thoughts and prayers.

my kevs at the lobby of Cesar Ritz College of Switzerland

So my dear Kevin, I wish you good health and may you have more birthdays to come and more summits to climb, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, Happy happy birthday!








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Why sunset?

Remember: as the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it

Why sunset? why not sunrise? It’s been a craze to have a sunset wedding, I wonder why? They said, it’s more romantic, as the sun goes down at sunset, you are with your new partner and as the sun rises up the following day, a new chapter of your life unfolds with your new husband/wife. is a little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

If your marriage did not sustain, romance failed, you remember that you went down with the sun and a part of your life was taken.Oh, goes on, sun will rise up again and again.

clouds come floating in to my life, no longer to carry rain or storm but to add color to my sunset sky

Orange is a bright provocative color of sunset. It gives you challenge to face the realm of life with a man/woman who will be yours forever.

What about its hue of provocation, the temptation, the lust and eventually the betrayal at the end…would “love” be enough to see the sun rises up again?

Remember: when the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it…so every time it comes you also watch how it glow and blow you away, every moment counts because life is too short to enjoy .

do things with passion or not at all...the beauty of sunset will always be there

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Dr. Exequiel Mariano and Dra. Emma Mariano

🙂 ♄ April 10,2011…you’re turning 88 , I have been thinking of what to write, what wishes I have not uttered for the past 52 years. What nice words I haven’t spoken. What deeds I haven’t done to express my gratitude or to undo any mistakes I have made or misfortune I may have caused.

It’s been 24 years since I left Philippines,though I come home once a year , I felt it is not enough, I am always longing for the day that I could be with you, that I can take care of you, share with you my stories, my hardship and triumph.

I wonder if you still remember when I was in grade one, one sunny afternoon, when all my classmates were heading to the river to swim with the carabao (water Buffalo) I braved the heat as well and joined the fun, removing all clothes and jump, splashing, swimming, shouting with joy! How can I not forget your big eyes and red face, your big steps rushing toward me, while I was in a hurry to put on my clothes, you’re also in a hurry to pull your belt out and pakkkk! yay! you hit me hard, I can’t even cry because I know its my fault. My teachers were scolded too, for letting me out without your permission, in returned they punished me too. I was asked to stand up for an hour in front of the class with my arms spread out. 😩

Every Christmas was full of surprises, you’re so thin and yet you became the Santa for every hospital staff’s children, every child was excited to get a gift, until one day my big brother (and me) spoiled the fun, we found the gifts you were hiding and opened the surprise, and so the news spreads… you.. as Santa Claus! 🙂

We live in remote area, where electricity is history!…brown out most of the time, and yet you make each simple day a memorable one . I enjoyed going to the farm, eating lunch under the tree, running around the muddy area, planting rice, peanuts and corn.

Every summer, I look forward to spend the holiday in the city, enjoy Chinese cuisine, ice cream and movies. I remember the old train, the smell of fuel, the noise , we have tried all kinds of transportation, sea, land and air. I like to eat balut (boiled egg with fertilized chicken embryo)peanuts, pansit (noodles) and siopao while on the road.

I love your instinct, you were the first one to have a yellow jeep and four tricycle. Your everyday outfit is awesome; my favorite is…white shoes, white pants and yellow long sleeve shirt. If hair gel was already in fashion, I bet you will be the first one to use it.For me,  you’re the most handsome father in the whole world, indeed mama is so lucky!

I remember the days when all my brothers are in their teens or early college years, you stand firmed on your rules, no smoking, no drinking, no night outs, stay out of trouble! Anyone who defies suffered the consequence and yet you were the first one to protect them when they were in trouble. “All for one and one for all”. I remember the bolo (big knife) the gun and bullets; Ferocious as a Lion when the cubs are in danger.

I love what you do, your passion in making people smile, I watched how you curve those teeth, how you pulled tooth without an “ouch” no matter how deep. Everything was an easy case for you and one day I promised myself I will be like you if not even better than you in the field of Dentistry.

But no, you discourage me,  you believe that Nursing is a better choice, a ticket to a better life outside the country.I obeyed your command, I took nursing and passed the board in speed.( I was only 20 yrs.old).

Dentistry is my world, I know its my passion, its my dream and no amount of discouragement will ever prevent me in pursuing my dream. So off I went to chase it, defiant as I am, I took Dentistry. I am sure, you remember my long letter to you that I wanted to chase my dream and I will come back … successful in my chosen field.

But once again, I failed, a few months away from my graduation, I got married. In spite of my mistakes,of broken promises, you did not turn your back, instead you help me get through with it, to be firmed in time of struggle and hardship. All those years I did not hear any bad words from you, you kept me going , I knew if you could only say the word ” i told you so” i could have heard it a million times.You have given me the greatest gift i would always remember …you believe in me.

papa and me

You are a man of few words, a strict disciplinarian, a good provider,a pillar of strength, the best of all the best as father, I salute you Dr. E. Mariano.

Words are not enough,but allow me to  say this again and again I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PAPA, I thank God for everything specially for giving you and mama a good health always.

♄♄♄Happy Happy birthday!♄♄♄

My favorite shots:-)

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