Serenata – simplicity at its best!

” nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed to be simple is to be great”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Indeed! The Serenata annual benefit concert last Saturday ,March 18,2017 was so simple in terms of the costumes and frills but the performance was superb and its charitable cause made the concert great! This was their 12th season and for the record I only missed two of their concert 🙂  addicted!


The Serenata Children’s Choir


The concert was under the musical direction of ever so beautiful Ms. Sylvia Delos Santos. Directed by Mr. Jerry Lagrimas and the ever energetic host of the night Mr.Ahjid Sayas. The ever supported husband of Ms. delos Santos – Mr. Teddy Delos Santos spotted playing Cello as assistant principal.


The introduction of all male Chamber Chorale was impressive noting that it was only formed five months ago and to gather each one for practice was challenging to everyone involve.


All male chamber chorale


The string orchestra was as usual in their best performance !


The Serenata String Orchestra

I enjoyed the participation of Knight Movers with their Aladdin dance intermission


The Knight Movers



The finale

Here’s some of the clips of the performance taken by iPhone 🙂 I could upload more but my storage plan is not enough..and so .. let me advise you to come and see them in action next season.

Congratulations to all!



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“Souk Juman” at KAEC


The weather was beautiful yesterday, our first weekend out of Jeddah and we visited “Souk Juman” at KAEC (King Abdullah Economic City) located approximately 100 kilometers north of Jeddah. It is a crossroads between East and West, on the cost of the Red sea and less than an hour by rail (we saw the train station along the way, though as of this writing, it is not operational yet) from Mecca, Medina and Jeddah.

Souk Juman was held Feb.16-17 at Juman Park at Bay La Sun District. We got the ticket through on-line … 75 Sr per adult and 20 SR per child.

It’s a beautiful lush green environment, with a large waterfront amphitheater ovelooking the blue water of the Bay La sun canal.



There was a mixture of small stall selling homemade goods, jewelry,abaya, fruits,popcorn and cotton candy and a lot more.The atmosphere was festive and the cool breeze wind added more vibrance to the event.

There were also cooking,fashion and art competition among the kids and young at heart



The best thing I saw are these two guys giving away a free juice drink for everyone! What a cool way to dress and pour three glasses in one go!


Sharab tamarhindi (tamarind juice)


A beautiful way of serving tamarind juice



After moving around the Juman park, we went to the beachfront dining, It was packed with people but we managed to get a table for us. There was a lot of restaurant to choose from and we settled for a burger and nachos in Bert’s coffee shop.

Ladies, it was an enjoyable bonding and hoping next year the Karting tract will be operational during the festival.  🙂





Rossopomodoro – a review

It’s been awhile I haven’t eaten pizza, so when my friend came to visit , I researched for an Italian restaurant that serves authentic if not closer to pizzeria Neapolitan.


What is Neapolitan pizza anyway? well, it’s simply made of tomato and mozzarella cheese, the dough is made of wheat flour, kneaded by hand without the help of rolling-pin, bake in stone oven with an oak-wood fire. As the waiter said, it’s kind of a “slap pizza”


Rossopomodoro  is a pizzeria and Italian restaurant found in Ascott centre at Sari st. besides the stars Avenue. Rosso means “red” and pomodoro means “tomato”.

It was a breezy cool night and a lot of people choose to dine outside. But we decided to stay inside and be curious of what this restaurant has to offer. We can see the kitchen which is surrounded by glass window and on one side big gold tiled wood fired oven where the pizza is made.

The price is on the mid range. the service is quick too!


Here’s our order and everything was super delicious. well, not the Tiramisu, it’s not really something that I would say, different and authentic!.





img_9058The drinks were also superb!


Ladies, would I come back? yes! of course, let’s go!



Wagamama – a review

#late post

Part I

Wagamama in Jeddah had open recently and my friends and I were there during the soft opening. It is located just at the back of our clinic in Tarik Nadat St, Ar Rawdah dist.near thalia walkway.


I tried Wagamama in Heathrow and it was a good experience, more of oriental noodles and I love the fresh vegetables. If you would like to know more, click the link below.

Anyhow, so we went to the soft opening, as excited as we wanted to try, we found the prices too high and the food were not really so exciting , the taste was bland. We asked, where the noodles? they said, it’s still coming from London. We gave it a thumbs down with some reservation as we said, it’s a “soft opening”. They don’t have a proper menu list and most of the dishes are not available yet.


We ended eating at Yemeni restaurant to filled up our frustration. It’s a favourite “comfort food” for the group 🙂

Part II

After two weeks, my brothers and I tried Wagamama again, same place but it’s more frustrating on me because I was expecting a bit more, hence this is my second time. Though the starter was good (chilli squid),the noodles was not even cooked well. The taste a bit improved but still it doesn’t compared to what I had in other Wagamama branch.

Don’t be fool by the photos, the taste is not really that good!

The noodles are not cooked well, sticking in one piece and we did complained, and it was removed from our bill.



I know, I am complaining a lot about this place, but someday I will try again for the third time ( I’m not rolling my eyes up) seriously I want to give this place a chance because my first impression in London was satisfactory, hoping Jeddah branch will be the same.

Ladies, I may not be lucky at first maybe on the third I will be 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge : Frame

2015-10-03 at 01-15-53

Honolulu Hawaii



Seattle Washington USA


Jeddah Saudi Arabia


natural rock formation made a guitar silhouette

Madain Saleh Saudi Arabia


Lucern, Switzerland


narrow passage (siq)

Petra Jordan


Le Bouveret Switzerland

boston tour-0002

boston usa

Boston USA

2014-11-15 at 22-09-31

Dubai UAE


Catanduanes  Philippines

<a href=””>Frame</a>

Serenata – Beyond the Horizon

2016-03-28 at 06-43-34

Once again, I have the best moment to witness the 11th season of Serenata, courtesy of Mr. Gerard Cua. This is also the first time in 29 years, my big boss and I took time out from work to watch a concert. See ? This is really the best moment 🙂  We always took turn to attend to personal matter so as not to close the clinic but tonight was different, we went together to enjoy the concert and we did!

2016-03-26 at 18-32-46

never mind his expression in this photo 🙂 he was amazed by the performance and even took out time to take photos and records some songs

One thing though, my camera didn’t work well so I ended up taking photos by iPhone.Good thing, our seat is in the 3rd row and because I wasn’t into taking pictures, I enjoyed the show better than as a guest rather than as a photographer 🙂

2016-03-26 at 19-31-22

“into the woods”

2016-03-27 at 00-42-23


opps..I missed the action!

2016-03-27 at 00-44-42

2016-03-26 at 19-54-50

“Chua Ay”

This a cappella rendition of “Chua Ay” is spectacular, though I didn’t understand the meaning, it was so amazing to watch. I guess this is an Igorot song (a northern tribe in the Philippines).As much as I enjoyed another folk song “Paruparung Bukid”,the performance of the Knight Movers was also breathtaking!

2016-03-26 at 20-07-07

“Singkil” performed by The Knight Movers

The second part : Serenata String Orchestra

2016-03-26 at 21-16-32

under the musical direction of Ms. Sylvia Delos Santos

2016-03-26 at 21-07-13

“La Cathedral” a solo guitar performance by Ms. Nadine Cua

Here’s a sample video of her performance 🙂



The finale

2016-03-26 at 21-29-46

“Somewhere” a joint performance of Choir & String Orchestra with Ms. Precy Ann Cua (Soloist)


2016-03-26 at 20-51-19

A plaque of appreciation to the sponsors

Thank you All!



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Ocean Basket in Jeddah – a review


EATING is one of the common denominator we have in our group of friends. We enjoyed walking and at the same time we also enjoyed eating. Which one is more enjoyable? hmmm…I guess it’s the company that counts rather than the activities 🙂

We celebrated my friends’ 59th birthday at Ocean Basket in Khaledeyyah Business Centre at Sultan Street Jeddah. I thought it was a Chinese restaurant but after searching it from the web, I learned it’s a South African chain famous for fish and chips. We got interested and tried it last night.

The place is cozy in a relaxed atmosphere. The staffs are mostly Filipinos and very friendly.IMG_4683

Starter dish, oh I forgot to get the price list anyhow..this is good news, if you have Qitaff points from STC, this restaurant accepts and we were able to get a discount of SR 148.00. What a treat!


Main dishes …a seafood platter, a choice of either fried or grilled. Yummy and fresh! We love it!

side dishes sushi and sashimi

Of course, they entertained us with birthday lava cake with the singing waiters at the background 🙂 …What a great way to celebrate!

after dinner, we went to have coffee and ice cream, I told you so ..WE LOVE TO EAT 🙂

Happy Birthday 🙂 🙂 🙂





Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony

“Happiness is when what you think,what you say, and what you do are in harmony”

– Mahatma Gandhi


Even it means waking up at 4:30 in the morning just to be with your best friends, breaking a week of stress related at work, watching the sun rise at south red sea and looking at the shipwreck wondering what’s the history behind the incident.The laughters, the simple joy of having breakfast together, the touch of the sea breeze and soft waves on my feet, the look at my friends’ daughters faces..their smile and excitement ,all of these are in harmony to what we all feel…homesickness…


Shipwreck near Al Qatan Shoaiba (South of Jeddah Red Sea)








<a href=””>Harmony</a>



Su:ra- Korean Fine Dining, Jeddah KSA – a review


This restaurant opened four months ago in AL Rhawda square and I heard a good review about it, so I was excited and curious to know what it has to offer.


I thought the name “sura” was related to arabic word meaning “fast” but I was wrong..of course! it’s Korean lol! why would they name the restaurant with arabic name? 🙂

The restaurant has a unique design, for the family section you can choose to sit in a traditional Korean table or a regular restaurant table.


We were asked to remove our shoes before getting into Chabudai table (I thought only Japanese used this?),ladies..beware..the stones under the tables are cold, it is better to wear stockings or socks.

I am not so familiar with Korean cuisine, I only knew about barbecue and my Chef Kevin’s favourite side dish, Kimchi! And so we decided to order the Su:ra full course “SOO” and  “HEE“, It’s probably about HE and SHE 🙂 full course. The course cost 200-250SR per person ,drinks not included. And while waiting, root tea and apple chips were served.


The first course on the set is Porridge and vegetable salad. Nothing special, just simple to taste.


Gujeolpan – platter of nine delicacies( doesn’t look like in their menu photo). The waiter told us, the two sets were combined. Huh! the picture in the menu is always appetizing and a lot more!  The small white thin wrap taste like radish, I wonder ..oh what a big round radish it is! I like the sauce and the taste somewhat tangy and sweet combination.

Soegogi Chapssal-Mari – beef roll with glutinous rice. too small for a company of three 🙂


Mun-eo Samsap – parboiled Octopus and steamed beef slice serve with seasoned radish


Samsaek Jeon-Yu-Hwa pan-fried delicacies. it’s a combination of zucchini,egg,kimchi and crabmeat. I like the sauce better than the delicacies!


Jangeo Gui -grilled Eel

Sura Tangsu – deep fried mushroom and beef with sweet and sour sauce. I love the mushroom, so delicious!


Soegogi  Japchae – stir -fried Glass Noodle with beef and vegetable. This is sweet noodle for me. I love the Mi-Goring of Indonesia better 🙂


Sura Galbi jjim – braised beef short ribs


Sura Hwa Bulgogi -charcoal fire grilled Bulgogi


oh yes, there’s a stone underneath the beef.

Soup with 5 side dishes.


and we ordered an extra soup with 5 dishes, just for comparison. I didn’t like any one of them.


The dessert with raspberry drink.


In the menu, there should be sherbet included with the course, but we didn’t bothered to ask why it was not serve. I would say the experience is definitely different , the place is clean and cool but my palate was not so pleased with the menu. I think the price is a bit expensive too. Would I come back? Maybe, if my friends would love to try the restaurant but most probably I would advise to order A la Carte, instead of the full course.Though the portion is good for dieters , the Eel and the beef is so fatty for my taste. I certainly would love to try the hot pot and barbecue just to have the experience 🙂 And who knows? maybe this time, I will like it.



The restaurant opens on Friday at 2pm. It is located at AR Rhawda square,Al Rhawdah Dist, Jeddah KSA.


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