Moms day with bff!

Do you wish it’s always a mom’s day?

I do ūüôā

Why it’s only once a year?

I’m lucky that I celebrated twice ! Last month was mother’s day in Jeddah and this month is for Philippines mother ‘s day.

Actually, we can always celebrate any day we wish! Speaking for myself, I always appreciate the simple things that my son’s were able to achieved. We’re living so far apart, literally in three different continent :-). Every time that I was able to video chat with them is a celebration for me! I feel awesome hearing their stories,ideas, practically anything that’s happening to them is a bonus. Sharing each stories makes me feel I am still a part of their growth even though they are both independent adult. Though ,I wish we live together I am happy for their achievements no matter how small or big it is, I know that one day they will make a mark in this complicated world. Yeah it’s complicated but hey ! let’s just be happy of what we have and continue to move forward to achieve our goal and if life becomes more complicated, look back who were you before and now, think of the struggles, think of the accomplishments and blessings and life would be simple to take in!

So, what’s the big deal of celebrating Mother’s Day?

Well, this is a day you receive smiling faces celebrating your day. This is the day you receive greetings from your love ones attesting how you are as a mother. This is the day you can have a day off and be surrounded with love ones and receive flowers and chocolates too!

Ok cut out the drama ūüôā in reality I think mothers would like to pamper themselves too! what’s the first in your list? Come on.. don’t giggles ..I know what you’re thinking!


right? but have you wish someone will give you a gift of shopping spree ūüėģ

Spa? beauty treatment? jewelry?

Yes, now we’re talking, have you thought that each day of your life you think of your love ones and not yourself? Each day spent is for them? cook, clean, work!

So… today is the day! It’s a one day in a year… Happy mother’s day to all! I do hope you enjoy your day and this day is not just an ordinary day for you.

What about me?

Hence , I’m so far away from my sons, I celebrated “ME” day with my sister (from another mother), pampering ourself in Eric Zeimmour salon.

She did her hair, isn’t she gorgeous?

I did my nails and eyebrow .. we’re ready to party hurray!

After the salon date, we went to Uptown and celebrate the night with the family.


Cheers to all mom!



Ramadan: after Iftar at Cookshop


Two days before Eid holiday, my friends and I decided to have a little escapades to places we haven’t been and one that caught our attention was a small coffee shop going along the corniche side.


At first, when we read the sign “Cook shop” we thought that it’s a place like “shabu shabu” but coffee shop and shabu-shabu?? ¬†hmm doesn’t really matched!

So we get in, the place is simple but cozy, staff were friendly and the food were serve fast and tasty too!

Celebrating 56 at Bamboo Seafood Resto

Bamboo Seafood Restaurant

May 27, 2011, is my favorite brother’s b-day. We celebrated his 56th year in Bamboo seafood restaurant in Al Rawdah district Jeddah,KSA. We been passing in this area a thousand times, wondering what’s in this huge lobster building?I was not able to taste the lobster in Boston ,Ma., so i said this is it!

Lobster in Jeddah. whoah! the price is soaring high! probably,I may have indigestion at the end. So we discarded the idea!

great interior...refreshing too!

The place is cozy, the walls are decorated with bamboo, there’s privacy in each family , each partition ¬†separated by real bamboo decor, though i was asking… a grape fruit on bamboo? hmmm, the sounds of water from the man-made waterfalls makes the place more refreshing, the waiters are polite and has smiling faces.

the staff at Bamboo

The foods are not bad, it taste good but the service is slow.

It might be because …its Friday, the place is packed¬†with families.

Some tips… when they serve the appetizer make sure you order your main dish already and

when the main dish just serve, ask for your bill too ūüôā otherwise the waiting period is so long, unless you just want to hang around.

Oh well, it’s a great Friday with my sons, brothers,nephew and his wife.

Happy b-day Kel,


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Ladies behind: Inihaw Kamayan Grill Resto

Inihaw Kamayan Grill House Restaurant in Balad (old town ) Jeddah, managed and partly owned by Filipino OFW. Some of the owners are my acquaintances and the ladies (gina, dong, thess, jo) behind are my friends and one of them Jo Imperial is my colleague in dental profession. She also has a talent in fruit carving.

"Ladies" of Inihaw kamayan Grill house Restaurant

My eldest son was invited to take some photos and as usual, I tag along together with my youngest son. I took some shots behind the scenes too!

This is very promising restaurant, the place can accommodate around 100 guest (maximum) and can be arranged accordingly. The foods are combination of Chinese, Filipino and Japanese dishes. Though we were not able to taste the Japanese, maybe one day, we will try it too!

Some of my favorite dishes includes: kare-kare, laing (with hot chili pls!) and sizzling sisig.

Well, you know, we can’t eat that much, we’re on diet…depends actually could be full diet or balanced diet or no diet! ha ha ha ha…

Ahhhh I love the halo-halo…maybe just once a month wont hurt the diet plan!

thank you ladies! Keep up the good work!

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My favorite shots:-)

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