Moms day with bff!

Do you wish it’s always a mom’s day?

I do 🙂

Why it’s only once a year?

I’m lucky that I celebrated twice ! Last month was mother’s day in Jeddah and this month is for Philippines mother ‘s day.

Actually, we can always celebrate any day we wish! Speaking for myself, I always appreciate the simple things that my son’s were able to achieved. We’re living so far apart, literally in three different continent :-). Every time that I was able to video chat with them is a celebration for me! I feel awesome hearing their stories,ideas, practically anything that’s happening to them is a bonus. Sharing each stories makes me feel I am still a part of their growth even though they are both independent adult. Though ,I wish we live together I am happy for their achievements no matter how small or big it is, I know that one day they will make a mark in this complicated world. Yeah it’s complicated but hey ! let’s just be happy of what we have and continue to move forward to achieve our goal and if life becomes more complicated, look back who were you before and now, think of the struggles, think of the accomplishments and blessings and life would be simple to take in!

So, what’s the big deal of celebrating Mother’s Day?

Well, this is a day you receive smiling faces celebrating your day. This is the day you receive greetings from your love ones attesting how you are as a mother. This is the day you can have a day off and be surrounded with love ones and receive flowers and chocolates too!

Ok cut out the drama 🙂 in reality I think mothers would like to pamper themselves too! what’s the first in your list? Come on.. don’t giggles ..I know what you’re thinking!


right? but have you wish someone will give you a gift of shopping spree 😮

Spa? beauty treatment? jewelry?

Yes, now we’re talking, have you thought that each day of your life you think of your love ones and not yourself? Each day spent is for them? cook, clean, work!

So… today is the day! It’s a one day in a year… Happy mother’s day to all! I do hope you enjoy your day and this day is not just an ordinary day for you.

What about me?

Hence , I’m so far away from my sons, I celebrated “ME” day with my sister (from another mother), pampering ourself in Eric Zeimmour salon.

She did her hair, isn’t she gorgeous?

I did my nails and eyebrow .. we’re ready to party hurray!

After the salon date, we went to Uptown and celebrate the night with the family.


Cheers to all mom!



Bonding time at Eric Zemmour, Jeddah KSA

Last week, I blogged about 5’Os meeting 6’Os…what about if 2’Os to be.. meet double 5 ?? A mother and daughter bonding?

I wish! Well, having only two sons without a daughter is also fun… we enjoy travelling together, we share same interest like photography and food but it’s nothing like .. let’s go to salon…let’s pamper ourselves 🙂


So, I asked Kristine my daughters’ friend, she is like my daughter and one of the pioneer members of the “Kids Fun Club” I organised and handled from 2001-2010. Imagine.., she was only 6 yrs. old then..and now a blooming lovely lady. Yakks!  I think I felt I am on my 60s!

#throwback I miss you all!

I miss you all!


We went to ‘Eric Zemmour” a luxurious hair salon in Rawdah District, Jeddah KSA. To my surprise, this is the same staff in E-spa where I used to do my hair and my regular gym routine. Hmmm, I wonder what they gonna do with my membership? I believe they still owe me 2-3 months, Let’s wait and see 🙂

Anyhow, back to beauty regimen, I decided to have a new colour and Kristine choose to do her nails.


I choose a bit dark colour to cover my grey hair and trim down my hair. Well, another coincidence, my hair stylist name is also Meriam, She is from Morroco, her hand is soft which is good for my delicate scalp.


It’s friday and there were men still working outside the building, so I guess there was some water difficulty somewhere that they used cold mineral water to rinse my hair 🙂 I like it though, cool and the chair massage was on, so kind of tickly to my ear and back hahaha way to go!

front view

front view

side view

side view

Here’s before and after photo;


Well, what’s your verdict?… not bad for soon to be double 5!

And after salon, of course, we went to The Cheesecake factory, I ordered skinnylicious veggie burger unfortunately, it was not available, so it’s diet… Enjoy! huh! I ate all the french fries on the side ( I was so engrossed to our conversation ) Excuses :-)… I know! Seriously, It was a beautiful night for two beautiful ladies…psst! we forego of cheesecake, Our tummy was already complaining so we ended the night with good smile and sweet memories.

Thank you Kristine, hope to see you more often while your still on holiday.

Ladies, my verdict? it’s ok! not bad…good experience at Eric Zemmour.

Did I mentioned the cost? 🙂 🙂 secret! oh well, the hair cut cost 150 SR and one hair colour cost SR380. Expensive??



My favorite shots:-)

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