Age 57: DIY – Hair mask on dyed hair

After doing my hair dyed and highlights, I decided to follow it up with homemade hair mask. Actually, I used to dye my hair with henna, yogurt and olive oil but as I did it frequently my hair turned to reddish-brown 🙂

Here are the ingredients and I also wrote down the benefits of each.


Coconut Oil – ( 1 tbsp) not all hair types benefit from coconut oil. Those with medium shiny hair will see good results but those with coarse or dry hair will do harm more than good. Coarse or dry hair will benefit more from argan oil. Coconut oil is the richest natural source of medium fatty acids with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.This help prevent protein loss in hair.

Olive Oil – (1 tbsp) ,acts as moisturizer, it contains anti inflammatory properties that promote scalp health and prevent dandruff. Also it contains high levels of mono unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E which is important for hair growth.

Honey – (1 tbsp) contains vitamins and mineral which is essential for hair health. Makes the hair glow. It strengthens the hair follicles,curbing hair fall.

Egg – (1 yolk)  contains a large amount of vitamins A,D,and E. It promotes hair growth and prevent hair fall.

Yogurt – (2 tbsp) full of vitamins, a skin food for scalp. It has lactic acids, which is great for cleansing the scalp and cleaning away dead skin cells to help hair follicles grow.

Mix all ingredients:


I applied the hair mask on my dry hair . Comb and remove any tangled hair. Section hair and spread the mask evenly like coloring your hair.

Cover ( 30-40 min) with disposable cap and I used hair band to prevent the liquid dripping to my face. I didn’t use towel because it will absorb the liquid rather than goes to my hair and scalp. Rinse and shampoo as usual.

The result 🙂 soft and silky hair and smell nice too!


It seems the before photo is more shiny? Well, I guess it’s the lighting!

Ladies, try and you will know it yourself how is the result 🙂

How often do I do hair mask?

I usually do it once every six weeks after I dye my hair but it is recommended to at least  once a week.

Good Luck!





Age 56: bold and never mind :-)

golden girlSix years ago, the first photoshoot taken by my son landed a page in Star studio magazine, middle East edition. His first camera was Nikon D90. Last year I got him D7000 and we went on holiday together. This time, I told him I want something bold as bold as my decision to let go of things in life that gives me more stress than meaning.

Hmm at 56? bold ? hahaha I know, I am crazy to even think about it. I guess, it’s a part of growing up, rather a part of ageing process (middle age crisis?)..a make belief of things I would have done when I was at younger age. Well, if i don’t do it now, when i gonna do it?  on my senior years? That’s more than crazy 🙂

I tried my luck in Santa Catalina Island. hahaha I was trying hard to posed sexy to no avail. If I can’t be sexy, how can I be bold? Well, how bold are we talking? in two piece bathing suit? No way! with bulging tummy and stretch marks 🙂 bold? as in receding hairline? come’on that’s Bald! with an “a” hahaha.

Sometimes, there are things and events in life that we have to dealt with, we have to be courageous in making decision. I am fifty six and a single parent. Through the years, the journey was not easy but we continued to pursue our dream. I have to continue  encouraging and inspiring my sons and other people around me.


After so many trials and errors, “relax mom” be yourself relax” I think I heard the word “relax” a thousand times! my son’s gave up on me. Finally he said, ok mom, just posed! and wallah! 🙂

This picture is so me…bold and never mind 🙂 seriously, I love this photo, a 56 years old woman,bold but classy, fierce but gentle,confident but profound,strict but funny.

I had so much fun during the shoot, both my sons and best friend were all goofing, you know why I love being a mother and a dentist..modelling is not my forte. I can now go back to my dental clinic and say..”relax” to my patients 🙂

Ladies,soon, I’ll be blogging about  beauty and fashion for beautybeyondfity!

stay tune!



Photographer: Edge M. Suarez

Location: Santa Monica/Santa Catalina Ca USA



Weekly photo challenge: vibrant

Bloom and keep growing even you are fifty and beyond..


Photographer: Edge M.Suarez

Location: Santa Monica, California USA

Photos were taken last October 2015 on my 56th birthday, I got a surprise flowers and cupcake from my two sons.Sweet!

<a href=””>Vibrant</a&gt;





Wordless Wednesday



Age 56 – Beauty beyond fifty


Hey! I’m 56 today..What’s new?

Well, I ate chocolates, ice cream, cake,muffins etc..everything I can think of 😉

I gained 3 kilos but happy, looking forward to pull my legs and feet to walk and exercise.

I went for a month holiday and I wished I did that when I was still young and energetic.

But I had a blast! things that I thought I can’t, I did and I enjoyed every moment.

I became fearless, got an attitude of “to hell what others think”

Life is too short not to enjoy the rest of what is left, the rest of what it might be..IMG_0080


Beautybeyondfifty would like to celebrate life.. appreciate the simple things..

continue to hurdles life’s bumps and humps..

with difficulties comes easiness, with sadness comes happiness.



At age 56 I can only say “THANK YOU”

Thank you Lord for all the blessings, I continued to appreciate the life you have given.

Thank you for all your guidance, the challenges, the obstacles, the triumph ,sadness and happiness.


Life is so beautiful!



Photo credit: Edge M. Suarez

Location: Catalina Island, Avalon California USA

©Copyrights protected

My Lady no. 7 – Sophie Defensor- Victoria

so3aI lost two kilo in ten days and when my best friend came for a short holiday, I regained it in two days hahaha. That’s how we bond! We find happiness in food! Who cares we’re the beauties beyond fifties 🙂

My lucky lady at no 7 is a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) graduate of University of San Agustin, Iloilo City, born September 18, 1962.

Wow blooming at 53!


She lives in London, UK . She comes to Jeddah, every six months to visit her husband and her friends, she has only one very handsome son, who is currently studying Chemical Engineering in UK.

Sophie is a very devoted mother, her dreams revolves around her only son..

Do you have any other dream for yourself?

– of course I do! I like to travel around the world.

You travel a lot! isn’t it? how long you’ve worked as expatriates?

– I’ve been in Jeddah for 26 yrs, I travelled around the world but it’s like a working holiday. I would like to explore the world without thinking about work. I have worked hard and I would like to retire while I still have energy and can enjoy the scenery.

What is your motto in life?

“Dream big, work hard. Stay focused and surround yourself with good friends “


My friend Sophie is a very energetic woman, she exudes a happy-go-lucky attitude but beware when she is not in the mood, her tongue is like a sword that cut deep 🙂

We didn’t have enough time to do all the chitchat, I still have to go back to work after we did the impronto photo shoot. Hopefully , I will do another photo shoot when I have the chance to visit her in London.



Weekly photo Challenge: Cover art



On turning 55..

Life is what we make it..

Fifty five years of joy,laughter,tears and triumph..

For awhile I thought when I hit fifty, life will be boring,but I was wrong!

Every trials are challenges that makes life more meaningful..

And now I am fifty five..I am more excited  of what life has to offer..

A new beginning, new memories to make..





©Copyrights protected

My funny lady rocking @55..What is her secret of looking young?


My best friend Malou just turned 55 and she is still full of energy. What is the secret?According to her, just enjoy life and let the problem take care of itself, oh well that was not exactly her words but if you are with her, positivity is electrifying.

looking great at 55

looking great at 55

I guess, it is how you deal with your problem that counts. I don’t know anyone who has no problem in life but we all have different style of looking at it and perhaps a different way of taking it in.But for sure, I know the words that makes her smile often…that makes her feel young and certainly looks younger than her age.

” you’re beautiful ”

” I miss you ”

” I love you ”

” The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate and who she becomes “- unknown quote

malou @55 and me @54 enjoying beauty beyond fifty!

malou @55 and me @54 enjoying beauty beyond fifty!

Alright my friend,my only wish for you is GOOD HEALTH, I heard you are resting as in ” flat on bed” because of 2 days partying 🙂


How to wear Spring’s colorful trend when you are 50 and beyond?

I have a conference to attend in less than two weeks…you bet I’m in a shopping mood! But how can I wear all those colorful dresses? Lemon Zest yellow, emerald green, Monaco blue,nectarine orange? Shall I stay with white and black stripes?… What?… no problem? Come on, I am fifty-three years old! 😦

It seems that fashion industry forgot that there are women beyond fifties who are still working and loving every shopping moment. I have suffered enough to choose my jeans, those dreadful lowest hipsters where I hold my breath so as not to show my bulging tummy 🙂  Oh well, let us be brave ladies!

My fashion mind says, YES you can! all you have to do is choose the color that will match your skin tone. After all women today are more flexible, more resilient and yes! we will survive the trend. Isn’t it enough to say “no”to every dinner invitation because you wanted to have those jeans? Life is too short to say “no”, enjoy every moment, enjoy every fashion, you will never know what you gonna wear when your six feet below the ground.

Well, let me show you what color I choose this spring time:

White trouser looks better, dont you think?

White trouser looks better, dont you think?


 1) Choose colors that match your skin tone.

2) Mix and match, gone are the days when you have the same colors from head to foot.

3) If you can’t find the right color of dress, accessorize with bright colors.

4) Conquer your fear of color, be trendy who cares if your fifty and beyond, just add your “POISE”!

loving the white lace skirt, paired with shades of blue silk top

loving the white lace skirt, paired with shades of blue silk top

So ladies, Let’s go…shoppingggg!!!

©Copy rights protected

Dare to correct mom’s fashion?…NO way!

Have you ever look at the magazines how model looks like and dream that you look like them too? When was that? when you were 16? 20? 30? or maybe when you’re in 40’s! What about when you’re fifty and beyond? Oh my! My lips are sealed… but there are ladies who can still show off and doesn’t care what other people says! BE HAPPY! And there are ladies who still keep up their coca-cola bodies, why not? go for it! CHEERS! Of course, there are ladies who are not so lucky but still can pulled it off…it’s not magic but it’s POISED!

How about looking at the mannequin , it seems all clothes that’s on display looks fabulous! Indeed! The reasons it looks good on them…is because of their body and flawless skin. They are after all, mannequins!

got my point?

I bought an exact pants and shirt that I found in “MANGO” catalog and tried the pose…., got my point? I know, you would say…you look fine!Really? ( i can see you laughing) NO… NO! I wont wear it like that, I won’t go out with my shirt tacked in my pants, otherwise, I’ll die because I’m holding my breath 🙂

I don’t know why “MANGO” jeans has no section for ladies beyond fifty, all jeans got low waist and hug on thighs.The roads are too lumpy and bumpy ,hellooo? What about the flair one? oh yeah, if you’re long-legged, maybe… or you can wear a high-heel shoes and it will look good too.

What about dress? Let’s try” CORTEFIEL”… I like their style, simple and yet elegant and comfortable too! Can beautybeyondfifty wears mini-skirt? How old is too old to wear mini-skirt? Does your knees stands the test of time? Have you noticed? if age doesn’t show on your face, it does show on other part of the body like… your neck…back of your hand …and your knees.

I like White..simple!

I choose white dress, not too short and not too long, just a little bit above the knees. If you want to look casual but smart, try to match it with shoe wedges ..or if you want to look more business style, you can top it with a blazer or scarf and a closed high heel shoes, just be careful not to break your leg or your back.

Ladies, whatever you want to wear… be comfortable with it and your grace be with it, after all you deserve the best!


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