Customized rattan furniture in Metro Manila

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I haven’t completed my house renovation yet but needed some furniture for my covered lanai at the back of my house. I searched where to order rattan but what I found was either far from metro manila or the design were mostly the same anywhere.


While searching I came across a Facebook page “RATTAN ANJELIE FURNITURE” at first I was hesitant to send a message but looking at the photos of their finished product, I became curious and sent Amor a message. She responded immediately and while chatting with her, my guts told me she is a trustworthy person. I am aware of the presence of scammer on social media, so I asked a lot of questions and she seemed very polite and answered my questions with all honesty.


She was very particular about the design I was asking and their capacity to copy it. She told me what they can and can not do. She sent me a lot of photos and materials. So what I did is just to choose and agreed. I overestimated the size of the sofa and she over estimated the size of the pillows 🙂 The payment was also easy, its thru bank transfer. She asked for downpayment before proceeding and the balance is either cash on delivery or bank transfer.


This was on the day it was delivered, I found that the small pillows were too many, and the whole set will not accomodate on my lanai. Nevertheless, the finished product was beautiful!


She also made extra 20×20 pillows for my bay window and sofa. The sewing is neat.


Ladies, if you need to contact her, please feel free to go to their FB page.





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