Dubai Food Trip with Chef Kevin – Galeries Lafayette (Day 3)

Third day of the conference, my chef Kevin was still not feeling well so after I’m done, we went strolling along the Dubai mall.

What a festive atmosphere in Lafayette Galleries!

I wish Jeddah would have something like this too 🙂 probably,.. in many long years? well, not really sure 🙂

2014-11-15 at 23-48-23

not only that..what about ham, pork and other foods ohh yes, we can’t have like this in Jeddah, not in million years!

Actually, we would like to have a  hot Thai soup to soothe chef Kevin’s sore throat unluckily, we were not able to reserve, so we opted to just go for a fast-food at the terrace of Outback steak, the food was not that  great, so we just enjoyed looking at the Dubai fountain.

2014-11-16 at 00-28-52

2014-11-16 at 00-31-03

2014-11-16 at 01-35-56 (1)

2014-11-16 at 01-05-15

2014-11-16 at 01-35-07

Not much to write though, we ended the night early for another day ahead.



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    Dec 10, 2014 @ 19:31:31

    Love the theme and colors! Spectacular!


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