Home baked Cheesecake Challenge : Flavour # 39 Cinnamon roll Cheesecake

Seriously, I am running out of ideas what to include in this challenge but knowing myself.. I don’t accept excuses, I like to challenge myself to learn something new , soon I will be fifty-five.., life is getting shorter ( is it?) but more meaningful, getting more beautiful and interesting. I thought life at fifty and beyond will be boring but not for me! at least not to my interest 🙂

Searching for more recipes to twist, I came across “” her cinnamon roll cheesecake looks so appetising …

I got interested and tried. The direction was tedious for me, because I didn’t have enough time to do it as a I still have to go back to work. Nevertheless, it turned out ok, not so bad my best friend like it hahaha why I called her best friend for nothing? just kidding!

If you like to watch the video and find out the recipe here’s the add:

Flavour no. 39 Cinnamon roll Cheesecake

Flavour no. 39
Cinnamon roll Cheesecake


mini version

mini version

mini cinnamon roll cheesecake

mini cinnamon roll cheesecake

Ladies, wondering how many kilo did I put on my weight?  Well…. 2 kilo!, I’m sure when I’m done with this challenge, I can’t fit in into my jeans but it’s alright we’re beautybeyondfifty , everything goes!  Enjoy while we can 😉




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