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Introducing my Nomadic Chef Kevin…way to go kevs! soon your dream will come true…small steps to success..simplicity and Honesty…good luck my son, God bless.

Kevin|The Nomad

I believe i have lost my sense in cooking. On how I should be cooking,

Ive spent the last two years trying to make something out of this passion. Something I keep on forgetting is that I cook because I enjoy cooking for others. The last two years was spent on trying to come up with some recipe that hasnt been heard of before. I didnt try to appeal to anyone really, more for myself but the constant battles with the number one critic is making it hard to find any satisfaction. Ive gained more satisfaction from serving homemade pizza to my friends than trying to serve something that didnt make any sense. 

I constantly try to make myself believe that i will be the crazy one. I shall have that random click that will make the norm boring. This is all good but i think i was going to…

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