Home baked Cheesecake challenge : Flavour no. 30 Coffee-Chocolate Cheesecake

Working at night till  early morning, makes me drink a lot of tea and coffee. While drinking my cup of coffee, an idea puff up! why not try coffee cheesecake? and what goes with the coffee? lady fingers biscuits! aha! a sort of like tiramisu? Well, not really. 🙂

Flavour # 30 - Coffee Chocolate Cheesecake

Flavour # 30 – Coffee Chocolate Cheesecake

Coffee alone might turn my cheesecake bitter , so I added a cocoa flavour on top and I also use honey instead of sugar.

I mixed 3 tablespoon of instant espresso powder to half cup of hot water and one by one I soaked the biscuits into the mixture and arranged it into the bottom and sides of the pan.

mini coffee chocolate cheesecake

mini coffee chocolate cheesecake

My chef Kevin commented, why don’t you just use ordinary biscuits and baked it for 10 minutes so it would be crunchy instead of looking like burnt cookies?

burnt? nope just  like espresso coffee :-)

burnt? nope ! just like espresso coffee 🙂

and so I tried one more time, I added the biscuits on the side after I chilled my cheesecake and was ready to serve.

does it looks better?

looks better?

Another comment, its doesn’t taste like cheesecake it’s more of like more of fat! oh my kevs! I think the honey is not a good idea, I should have used half sugar and half honey. 😦


Ladies, I am not sharing the recipe because this one is a failed attempt but I included it as #30 anyway. I think I should stick to fruit flavour ? or maybe savoury ? Any ideas?




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  1. Kasih
    Jul 16, 2014 @ 04:37:31

    The cake looks delicious!


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