Home-baked Cheesecake Challenge: Flavour # 7 Japanese Cheesecake (Soufflé)

Cheesecake # 7 Souffle Japanese Cheesecake

Cheesecake # 7 Souffle Japanese Cheesecake

A Souffle is a lightly baked cake made with egg yolk and beaten egg white combined with cheesecake. I was searching for my next Flavour and I got curious with the recipe (, actually I have tried the recipe with my Apricot Cheesecake but it failed and I ended up covering it with ganache chocolate and wallah! it became Flavour # 5.

To make the story short, I, jamilamimi will try.., and.. try again until I got it right! and yes! I did it!! Thank you nami!

Japanese Cheesecake

Japanese Cheesecake

So soft , yummy and I was able to transfer it from one plate to another platter without  a mess 🙂 I am definitely happy with my baking skills, it’s getting better by time.


400 g cream cheese

6 tbsp granulated sugar

4 tbsp unsalted butter

6 egg yolk

200 ml heavy whipping cream

2 tsp lemon juice

8 tbsp all-purpose flour

3 tbsp apricot jam and 1 tsp water (for topping)


6 egg whites refrigerated

10 tbsp granulated sugar

Please check out Nami at for detailed instructions. She made a clear steps by steps with photos. I diligently followed every steps, careful not to miss any as well as not to eat immediately. She recommends to eat it the following day which is alright with me because my youngest son is coming tomorrow for a two days holiday and this is my way of bragging, ” hey chef kevin. i can baked too! hahaha!

Serving suggestion:

top it with cherry and a dust of yellow and orange sugar on the side

top it with cherry and a dust of yellow and orange sugar on the side

glazed it with apricot jam

glazed it with apricot jam




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