No Text Please, We’re Parents

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My mom is 87 yrs old and i gave her a samsung note, so i can contact her more often but it didn’t work because it was always inside the drawer and she claimed she doesn’t have to learned to use it,its so complicated. though after few months she slowly learned how to use it and calls me every now and then. She now use “Tango” and have her own Facebook account too 😉

A Map of California

When I visited my parents recently, I sat down with my mother to show her photos on my iPhone.  There were photos from Thanksgiving, from Hanukkah and from my father’s eightieth birthday celebration, along with pictures from back in the summer — some really good shots I took of our family Fathers’ Day brunch in Los Angeles and my nephew’s college graduation dinner.

Although my mother enjoyed the photos, the problem, she says, is that they’re not real.  You can’t touch them, put them in an album, let them gather dust in a closet until you pull them out for special occasions.

I assured her that the photos can be printed and that we would make this happen.

After we got home, I emailed the photos to my wife, who uploaded them to  For about three dollars, Wal-Mart printed them and mailed them out to my parents.

They called…

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