Abaya – a trend in fashion 2012 collections

Abaya is a long loose black robe traditionally worn by Muslim women.I have seen the evolution of the design from 1987 to the present. When I first came to Saudi Arabia, Abaya is not a must for non-Muslim foreigner to wear in public. We usually go out in public with modest dresses , blouse and trouser. We started to wear abaya and tarha in public during Gulf war. At first, I refused to wear black, so I wore blue abaya then dark brown until later on, I wore the traditional black abaya and tarha (black headscarf). I also got used wearing it, that sometimes when I’m out of KSA, i felt naked on the first day without wearing abaya.. strange but I guess its true!

With in recent years, a lot of fashionable Abaya became a trend in public. Different fabrics and colorful design for teenagers, embroidered and tailored with swarovski elements for women. I have different kinds of Abayas, I have abaya for daily use, for party, for meetings and for fishmarket. My friend has abaya according to what shoes she is wearing, whether its high-heeled or flat shoes.

Today, we went to a Lebanese abaya-maker, we wanted something different and practical to wear.

model: lyn

This abaya has no opening on the front, you wear it like a shirt, and it looks like its tailored like a butterfly.

model: malou

A very practical abaya with a hood at the back, and well arm fitted sleeves.


Another design with two pockets on each side.

models: mimi-lyn-malou

a good colored combination of black and grey, black and blue

So ladies, which abaya do you like?

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