Age 52: how to lose 5 kilos in one month

good job!

Having a goal… like to fit in a dress that you really like to wear helps a lot on your determination to lose weight. It’s not easy but it’s not difficult too!

I started just walking for an hour, once a week with my good friends, then cut my carbohydrates, CUT means not to remove the rice immediately rather, I ate rice about three times a week. I ate brown bread instead of white bread.

I ate fruits and vegetables more than red meat then after a week, i started treadmill (20 minutes), play x-box kinect for an hour, dumbbell for 10 minutes ( 3 kls each) Hence, I didn’t have time in the morning, i did it before bedtime.

After two weeks, i totally remove the rice in my diet. My breakfast consists of: cereal or brown bread with hallumi cheese , fruit and coffee. Lunch and dinner: vegetable salad and chicken only. No carbonated drinks , only water and tea. In between meals, I ate almond nuts and drink coffee or tea.

Once a week , every Thursday is a cheat day, my son and I enjoy going to restaurant and have full meal but… take note..we had most of the time GRILLED food and a lots of salad , and indulge in sweetness too (small portion) just to satisfy my palate of nice food.

So ladies, the trick???…no carbs, exercise regularly and cheat once a week and walla! 5 kilos in one month! i don’t intend to lose more than 5 kilos, so I would just keep it up with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

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