Thought provoking… Honolulu Fish Auction

At first when I heard from my son, Chef Kevin, he wanted to see the Fish Auction in Honolulu, I was bewildered! There’s a lot of scenic tours around the island why at the Pier 38?

2016-07-02 at 05-33-13 (1)

4 Am mom!

What? Why? Are we going on fishing? Are we selling fish? Why 4 am?

Do we have to take part in auction?

What about the smell?

Well, this is his holiday gift so I just went along with the idea. We woke up at 4:30 and was at Pier 38 5:30 am, the auctions starts at 6 am. Thought provoking? Yes!  you can say that again, a lot of things in my mind🙂  Anyhow , as I see the excitement on his eyes , I begun to feel excited too!


nice smile!

IMG_6618To my surprise, the place is clean and I hardly smell the fishes.Before going in, we passed through a small board with water ( i’m assuming it is mixed with disinfectant) .  I noticed a small portion of the fish tail is cut off and I learned later that it was done to show the color of the meat i.e.: bright red is fresh, streaks of white indicates high fat content and if brown, oxygenation has taken place. Would you still buy it? The guide said, are you going to eat it raw? or are you going to cook it? It depends🙂


a small piece of meat is cut off from the tail to show the freshness


This is me just goofing around..


Why are we wearing headset? Well, with all the people around trying to bid, it would be hard for us to listen to the guide. The auction is done like in the wall street trade but instead of suits,hand gestures and screaming, auctioneers are in jackets and boots,quickly moves in rows of fish and speaks in steady fast manner.



The most common is yellow fin tuna and big eye tuna, but they also have opa – moon fish




Well, I’m happy that I went along with chef Kevin’s idea. I enjoyed the tour as well. And here are the few things I learned:

-Tuna contains the mineral selenium (selenoneine) which is antioxidant and together binds with the mercury which lowers the risk of mercury-related problem. When we eat tuna we likely get the same antioxidant protection.

-Interesting to note, and tricky too :0 Tuna has a higher mercury content than other fishes so it was advise pregnant women should avoid eating it, but other researches shows when pregnant women eats more tuna, the kids are more smarter.

-Hawaiian name for big-eye tuna- (Ahi) yellow fin, blue fin (maguro)

After the tour, we had breakfast at Nico’s Pier 38 IMG_6632


I enjoyed the tour as well🙂  I had a better idea of what is going on in an auction like this. I  also have a better appreciation of the fishermen and the chefs who have gone through fish searching , so we can savour the menu on the table.

Way to go!



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And the adventures continues…

After spending sixteen (16) years in Jeddah, KSA,three (3) years in Lucern, Brig, Le Bouveret,Switzerland, six(6) months in Dubai, UAE and one (1) year in LA, California USA, my nomadic Chef Kevin will try to woo Asia. While his brother Edge, the photographer will have another year in USA.

And the adventures continues..keep on dreaming..keep reaching your goal and soon it will be a reality.

Now, you have graduated both and ready to venture at your own, I thought I could have relax  :-)   but no! It’s another chapter, another adventure, another excitement and more prayers.

Thank you Lord for your guidance.

Thank you for the precious gift of having two sons

Thank you for the gift of strength and  wisdom

Thank you for your protection 

Once again …

Lord, I release them to you to care for and protect

I pray that you would give the same guidance and direction

May they turn to you Lord for all decisions so that they will not make poor choices.

Help them to see the treasures of wisdom and knowledge through You.

May the glorious power be with you all.


I wish you Kevs and Edge the best adventures, to have a happy and peaceful life. I know it will be more difficult than easy but don’t worry,you are equipped with knowledge and skills that will give you a push and find your way to success.

Remember, even though you are a citizens of the world, your home is in my heart. Though we may not be physically together,our love will connects us. Sooner or later we will see each other again. Take good care of your health. We have a lot of exploration ahead of us.

God bless.

I love you both!

Cheers and kisses,


wordless wednesday

last day in Oahu island

july 5,2016​


wordless wednesday

29 june 2016

Honolulu County

Oahu Hawaii

weekly photo challenge: curve

postcard against nature

24 june 2016

currently on family holiday in Hawaii 



Shabuya-a review

Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles Ca USA

22 June 2016

My food adventures with Chef Kevin and my photographer Edge (though all photos here are mine😊) continues on. The beauty of being with them is …I got to try different menu and also learn new things, forget about putting on additional weight, it’s holiday time!

Today lunch choice: Japanese shabu shabu

I would say, so far this is the best hot pot I have tried in LA. The soup base even though it is spicy, i can still savour its tastes, so yummy!

well, is it obvious that I love shrimps😍

Chef Kevin says: put noodles at the last part!


Because after putting all the meat, vegetables and sea food, the broth or soup takes in all the flavor and of course noodles will absorb all the flavors too!

love it! and I don’t mind to come back again in this restaurant. The price is also reasonable for ” eat all you can” hot pot.

Ladies, what are you waiting for? try now!



Age 57: my funny summer adventure (part 2)

San Diego, California 

21 jun 2016

we took an early road trip to San Diego. passing through scenic beaches of huntington, newport, laguna and dana point.

guess what’s the choice of chef kevin for lunch?

Brazillian steak!

ok what’s the funny part?

well, at the middle of the dining table there’s a fire which I thought we will be using to grill some steak😜 toink! its for heat on cold days😊



Age 57: my funny summer adventure (part 1)

This is our first family trip, a real holiday because my first son recently graduated and my youngest son have just finished his management training and I , of course took a break off from my hectic schedule.

So this is it…beautybeyondfifty updating from Los Angeles California😊

picking up my youngest from Catalina Express!


Ladies, this is the funny thing😊 I ordered this  tsukemen with a soup on the side not knowing that i should dip the noodles (no wonder its cold) into the hot soup hahaha

a series of food adventure like what happened on my stop over in London, trying Ramsay Gordon plane food, ordering burger and peroni. looking at the glass like it’s a beer, I asked the waiter, did i ordered this?

yes mam its peroni! oh I didn’t know peroni is a beer😜 

see? you’re laughing too!



Thank YOU!

For the past weeks since I came back from Dubai, I got so busy and was not able to update or is it a case of bloggers block? Hmm or an indication that my life is so stable at the moment🙂

But today is different… I am inspired!



So blessed

And thankful!

My eldest son Edge the photographer is graduating with honor hurrah! He is a graduate of BS in Multi media At APC, Philippines with specialty in Photography at Santa Monica College USA.

I know you thank me many times for giving you another chance to pursue your dream but I also would like to thank YOU !

Thank you for being so resilient in all the difficulties we’ve been through. I was a young mother when I have you. You were so tiny but you gave me the “big” push and an inspiration to continue to tackle every mishap, difficulties in our life. You were only a  month old when I took my dental board exam. And you just turned a year older when I left you at the care of your grandparents. I took you back when you were six years old and barely four months in Jeddah, a school bus conductor left you all alone, wandering in the streets all by yourself and thanks God, you are so smart to find your way back home with a help from a good samaritan.I was so angry, frustrated, crying, hysterical to every person I met at the Philippines school in Jeddah and even I went to the consul and if I didn’t find you I will go to the King and beg to mobilise the whole Jeddah just to find you!

I love you sweetheart!

I know you are a very private person and like your younger brother Kevin the Chef, drama in life is a big NO! I better make this short before I heard the word ” mom ”🙂

Thank you for being a loving son, loving big brother and I am so proud of what you have become, a very responsible and gentlemen, I know you will be the best husband and father you would like to be! and of course the best photographer ! I pray for your good health and more power to succeed! God bless.

Best of all, thank you for being my confidante and friend. Through the years of ups and down, you never failed to amazed me of your strength and your resiliency. Together we have learned lessons in life, together we made our flaws perfect for our love, together we have crossed bridges and together with your brother we made our imperfections perfect for each other.

I also would like to give a BIG Thanks  to my parents, who is so generous, loving and caring, thank you for the inspirations and strength. Job well done!

” Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome”

Thank you Lord.





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Weekly photo Challenge : FACE

Hmmm… what a shot of different faces with different emotions!  🙂  obviously I am so thrilled!

2013-04-28 at 10-09-20




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