Weekly Photo Challenge: TIME

How to stop time:KISS..How to travel in time: READ..How to escape time: MUSIC..How to feel time: WRITE..How to release time: BREATHE. – Matt Haig,Reasons to stay alive!

Year 2012, my youngest son went to College in Lucerne Switzerland,I also knew this is the beginning of me..being alone, separated and single parent. Fast forward, He recently graduated and moved to California as a Culinary management trainee.My other son is also in California and will finish his second degree soon. Indeed, Time passes by quickly. Make memories, feel and accept love,breathe..be positive and have faith. I thanked God every single day I woke up breathing..everyday is a new day :-)

Here are some shots I took when I was in Lucerne visiting the old medieval clock. Zytturm (Clock tower).

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Weekly photo challenge: vibrant

Bloom and keep growing even you are fifty and beyond..


Photographer: Edge M.Suarez

Location: Santa Monica, California USA

Photos were taken last October 2015 on my 56th birthday, I got a surprise flowers and cupcake from my two sons.Sweet!

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Weekly Photo Challenge : optimistic

It all started when I washed my white sneakers and it turned like a mess of grey ,yellow and white. The question of whether cursed the shoes or make it a better one !

So I thought ..well maybe ..painting to the rescue is the answer! Optimistic?


good yeah? why not do more to my niece and nephew..


cute? hmm too optimistic to do more and improve..


This one was a bit too sneaky :-) so  I tried another, this time my nephew’s friend thought I am an artist and can do anything hahaha but not to disappoint him, I tried again!


Ben 10 ! hmmm better than nothing :-)


very optimistic.. tried more


and more..



I hope I made these kids happy :-) and I’m happy too!

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Su:ra- Korean Fine Dining, Jeddah KSA – a review


This restaurant opened four months ago in AL Rhawda square and I heard a good review about it, so I was excited and curious to know what it has to offer.


I thought the name “sura” was related to arabic word meaning “fast” but I was wrong..of course! it’s Korean lol! why would they name the restaurant with arabic name? :-)

The restaurant has a unique design, for the family section you can choose to sit in a traditional Korean table or a regular restaurant table.


We were asked to remove our shoes before getting into Chabudai table (I thought only Japanese used this?),ladies..beware..the stones under the tables are cold, it is better to wear stockings or socks.

I am not so familiar with Korean cuisine, I only knew about barbecue and my Chef Kevin’s favourite side dish, Kimchi! And so we decided to order the Su:ra full course “SOO” and  “HEE“, It’s probably about HE and SHE :-) full course. The course cost 200-250SR per person ,drinks not included. And while waiting, root tea and apple chips were served.


The first course on the set is Porridge and vegetable salad. Nothing special, just simple to taste.


Gujeolpan – platter of nine delicacies( doesn’t look like in their menu photo). The waiter told us, the two sets were combined. Huh! the picture in the menu is always appetizing and a lot more!  The small white thin wrap taste like radish, I wonder ..oh what a big round radish it is! I like the sauce and the taste somewhat tangy and sweet combination.

Soegogi Chapssal-Mari – beef roll with glutinous rice. too small for a company of three :-)


Mun-eo Samsap – parboiled Octopus and steamed beef slice serve with seasoned radish


Samsaek Jeon-Yu-Hwa pan-fried delicacies. it’s a combination of zucchini,egg,kimchi and crabmeat. I like the sauce better than the delicacies!


Jangeo Gui -grilled Eel

Sura Tangsu – deep fried mushroom and beef with sweet and sour sauce. I love the mushroom, so delicious!


Soegogi  Japchae – stir -fried Glass Noodle with beef and vegetable. This is sweet noodle for me. I love the Mi-Goring of Indonesia better :-)


Sura Galbi jjim – braised beef short ribs


Sura Hwa Bulgogi -charcoal fire grilled Bulgogi


oh yes, there’s a stone underneath the beef.

Soup with 5 side dishes.


and we ordered an extra soup with 5 dishes, just for comparison. I didn’t like any one of them.


The dessert with raspberry drink.


In the menu, there should be sherbet included with the course, but we didn’t bothered to ask why it was not serve. I would say the experience is definitely different , the place is clean and cool but my palate was not so pleased with the menu. I think the price is a bit expensive too. Would I come back? Maybe, if my friends would love to try the restaurant but most probably I would advise to order A la Carte, instead of the full course.Though the portion is good for dieters , the Eel and the beef is so fatty for my taste. I certainly would love to try the hot pot and barbecue just to have the experience :-) And who knows? maybe this time, I will like it.



The restaurant opens on Friday at 2pm. It is located at AR Rhawda square,Al Rhawdah Dist, Jeddah KSA.


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Wordless Wednesday




Weekly Photo Challenge – weight (less)

taif16 (2 of 1)-2

Our first road trip for the year 2016 is to see our favourite sand dune.To catch up with the sunrise,we left  Jeddah at 5:30 in the morning.

taif16 (2 of 1)

The early morning breeze of the weekend light up the hard week we had at work.

taif16 (2 of 1)-17

though this year the sand dune seemed smaller, It’s still an amazing site to enjoy the morning.

taif16 (2 of 1)-9

taif16 (2 of 1)-5

the flowers of the dessert is looking so weight(less) floating in the air against the background of the sand.

taif16 (2 of 1)-15

taif16 (2 of 1)-11




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Perplexed: legal separation, Annulment ,Divorce in the Philippines..What is the difference?

IMG_0156Philippines to date is the last country in the world that does not allow divorce. So why is it included in the questionnaire when you are applying to renew Philippine passport?

Civil status: () single () married () widower ()legally separated () Annulled () Divorced

Probably for those who has dual citizens? Maybe..

What about those who are separated for awhile? My search for an answer brought up more questions.

A perplexed reader..

The Family Code grants spouses equal rights, gives dual authority to parents in the family and provides for special protection for children in case either parent remarries.Strong Catholic grounding and the Filipinos’ reverence for family life discouraged the implementation of divorce laws in the Philippines.

Equal rights?

Is it equal rights, when your husband or wife commits adultery or concubinage ? when there’s only one who provides? When there’s a double standard like it’s alright for a man to have extra-marital affairs and for a woman a “no-no”? How about when one is abusive either orally or physically?

What about for those Filipinos who were divorced by alien spouse? Does the law applies to them because they are Filipino Citizen?

Special protection?

in case either parent remarries? and if not ? who should be responsible? Isn’t it if you are responsible parent or a human being for that matter, you know these are your children, no one should impose on you whether to support them or not, It is  a GIVEN matter, a parent should economically, morally responsible to their children.

Article 1 of the Family Code defines marriage as “a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life. 

Permanent? Who says so? huh! legal separation..Annulment..Divorced..

Don’t get me wrong, I am a supporter of strong marriages, I would like my sons to marry .. praying it will last forever not because of the law but because it’s their choice to stay together happily and both believed in the sanctity of marriage.

Equal rights?? again!

If you have rights to enter into a contract, you also have the right to get out of it!

The essential marital obligations referred to in Article 36 are those enumerated under Articles 68-71, 220, 221 and 225 of the Family Code. These articles provide for the obligation of spouses to live together, observe mutual love, respect and fidelity and render mutual help and support.

mutual love ,respect and fidelity..mutual help and support

meaning, when one does not oblige the contract is null and void?

and this one made me laugh..lol! pa more :-)

legal separation  – is a relative divorce meaning? allows only the separation of spouses from bed and board and does not dissolve the marriage bonds.

bed and board? you must be kidding!

what about the children?

Support is the obligation between spouses and their children. In the Philippines,however, as in perhaps other Oriental countries, filial obligation demands that children support their parents in their old age.

meaning, when one parent doesn’t support the children, the marriage contract is also null and void? what about in old age? how can you accept support from your children if you yourself broke the law?

and here’s the thing.. the usual cause of breakdown of marriage – infidelity and irreconcilable differences – don’t count as a basis for annulment, as for legal separation, the ‘psychological incapacity’ is a very vague description to begin with. Not only the basis is so complex but the process of the procedure in itself is so expensive that poor people can not afford. Again, family code..where is equal rights? if only the rich and influential people can have it.

and what about the OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) who for economic reasons left behind their families to support them only to find out later on, that the hard -earned money was used by the husband/wife to his new girl/boyfriend or to support extended families back home, is this right?

Is it practical to spend PhP 150K – 300K for annulment? This amount can already be used by your children on their future or to your future for the children to be free of economic burden when you reach old age.

Now, what was the topic again? legal separation,annulment,divorce..differences ? ah yes!

Don’t you think it is all the same? dissolve the bond? In the first place in my opinion, if two people constantly disagree and disrespectful of each other, the sanctity of marriage is gone in their heart and only remains in the paper. For what? as a status symbol? What is marriage when one doesn’t comply to his/her obligations. Where is the sanctity when you committed a sin against your spouse?

Ladies, let me understand why no Divorce in Philippines?


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Weekly Photo Challenge -Circle

just gathering some photos of my 2015 road trips that create memories of circle:-)

2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 32,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

There’s no Santa this year!

Being a OFW (Overseas Filipino worker) we look forward to go home to Philippines every December to celebrate Christmas with our love ones, but there are few circumstances we can not.. for various reasons such as, company disapproved the leave,financially uptight etc. So for those, who are celebrating Christmas in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah in particular, we tried to gather every friends to be with us , decorated our home with Christmas tree and tried to make the atmosphere and food like Christmas. Oh how I miss the real Christmas celebration with family.

For the last two years, we had Santa made in China http://jamilamimi.com/2013/12/26/our-santa-is-made-from-china/and from Lebanon.http://jamilamimi.com/2014/12/25/to-you-and-yours-our-santa-is-made-in-lebanon/  this year , it’s different! There’s no Santa and no food on the table.

Yes, Santa is nowhere to be found :-) we decided to celebrate our Christmas eve at Sheraton Hotel. And of course, before we dine, we had some photo shoots at home (we anticipated we can not remove our abaya covering) and some few shots at the lobby of the hotel.




It’s a Seafood buffet at Sheraton Hotel, Jeddah KSA.. forget the Cholesterol and Uric acid.. here comes the Christmas celebration :-)

After the sumptuous dinner, we strolled along Boulevard and enjoyed the ambience and the breezy air of the night. Oh! We miss going back home..the boneless lechon,puto bongbong, pancit palabok etc. well, we miss our family too! not only the food :-)

For all expatriates here in Saudi Arabia, especially for those who set aside their own personal happiness in leu of Holiday festivities because of economic reasons to fulfil their obligations and responsibilities.. I salute you! Cheers for all the sacrifices you made and will still be making. You are not alone!

Have  a Merry Christmas and A prosperous New Year!




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