Weekly Photo Challenge : Close up

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Close Up.”



Close up view of my own shakshuka version :-)


Forty years and counting..How do I love thee

Nowadays where  separation, annulment and divorce are very common, being together for forty years is definitely a call for a great celebration.This coming Friday, my friend will celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

carrying the picture of their renewed vow on 25th year of marriage

carrying the picture of their renewed vow on 25th year of marriage

Amazingly Wow and cool! How they made it? I am glad I had the opportunity to pre shots the couple and did some funny chit-chats while having the shoots :-) how nosy hahaha! Actually, I am more interested to ask the husband than the wife. Why? Because I am a woman, 80% I would know her answer :-) Really? (double wink)

now you know why they stay together hehehe

now you know why they stay together hehehe

Please share your secret? 

There’s no secret, my motto ..”Less talk, less mistake”..an eight years gap between us, She was only turning 18 when I fell in love, I am older so I should understand. I kept my one ear open and one ear closed.

Does it make sense? I thought being transparent will lead to a better communication?

When you open one ear, it means you are listening to what she was saying..but to close one ear is to let go of simple things that will lead to argument.

What you think is your best attitude that contributes to keep up your relationship?

Matiisin ako at matapang naman siya ( I am patient and she is strong ) at this point, my other friends joined in and we burst into laughter.

Well, I guess that’s the secret ingredient – Fire and water- There was a lot of opinions on the table but this particular blog is for them, so let’s ask the wife ;-)

What advise you can give to other women or to your daughter to keep their marriage last?

For me, I think the wife should make sure the house is clean and organised, the food is ready when the husband comes from work and wife should look good as well. Not because you are working at home, taking care of children and the house, you will neglect yourself. The wife should maintain her beauty as well.

I agree but what about the career woman/wife, I don’t think they will have enough time to do all the house hold chores?

Rolly, even though he is the only one working, he helps me at home, there is division of labor.

Yes, I agree (Rolly said, looking at his beautiful wife) It’s good to come home from work, the house is clean and the food is ready and my wife too (wink) She is always beautiful in my eyes :-)


What about finances? do you have any problem as to where the money should or shouldn’t go? Well, Filipino families are always extended, relatives will be asking for help at times.

My wife always do the budgeting, I provide and she spend it hahahaha Kidding aside, we don’t spend money beyond our capability. We don’t borrow from others to help our extended family. In case of emergency, we do help but when someone needs to buy something, we talk about it. 

Hmm that’s another secret of lasting marriage, no one keeps secret of financial affairs :-) and of course no extra-marital affairs!

we keep each other's secret

we keep each other’s secret

Ladies, I would love to share more of our chit-chat but my senior moments has come and I couldn’t remember all, so just enjoy our photo shoots and good luck to your marriage.

5 loving children

5 children

govs and lyn2

beautybeyondfifty bridesmaid

beautybeyondfifty bridesmaid

And for those who got separated, annulled or divorced, don’t be sad, you too had a successful marriage before it ended ;-) Another man or woman will come along, happiness is just right at the corner. Believed and it will happen.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half and Half.”

Ramadan has just ended and day one of Eid holiday has just begun, another two days more before my work starts.. half of my friends were out of the country ( I know :-) I am jealous too! ) the weather is so hot to have road trip, so here I am at home , having a blast of “Me” time.

Two or three canvas?


I decided to use two at the beginning but I got carried away ..so much free time :-)

and after a day and half..it’s Up!





Weekly Photo Challenge : Door

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door.”

door door1


Happiness is.. having the opportunity to see the doors of an ancient civilization at Madain Saleh Saudi Arabia.

more story and pictures  http://jamilamimi.com/2012/11/04/slow-down-camel-crossing-road-trip-to-madain-saleh/

and at Petra ,Jordan. http://jamilamimi.com/2011/11/23/petra-it-has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed/

the end of the siq-- a glimpse of the treasure

the end of the siq– a glimpse of the treasure




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Weekly Photo Challenge : Muse

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

What subject I keep on coming back? Flowers! any kind of flowers, this is my favourite subject wherever I go or even I am not going anywhere..it always fascinate me the colours it gives.


flower for your dream

flower for your dream




Weekly Photo Challenge : ROY G. BIV

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “ROY G. BIV.”

Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle




Worn out shoes worth 200K Swiss Francs

My Kevin's Chef Shoes, worn out but stayed on for 3 years.

My Kevin’s Chef Shoes, worn out but stayed on for 3 years.

Roll your eyes and raised your eyebrow!


I jumped and raised my hands with a full smile and tears in my eyes..


this is the dream that we chased and owned and will continue to do so


Term 7 is finally done! Waiting for September to seal the degree of Bachelor of Culinary Arts and off to Santa Catalina Island Company , USA as Culinary Arts Management Trainee.

Wow! My emotion is soaring high, I won’t tell you how many times I edited and deleted my words because I know my Chef Kevin doesn’t like drama and flares, he rather take in, all the positivity and let the negativity inspires him to move on. But I would like to share with you that it wasn’t an easy ride for both of us.

“Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them. and you will have them. ” Mark 11:24 

My budget was only for two years and I told him, if in any case I can’t send you anymore to finish your Bachelors degree, please find a job and continue to pursue your dream. There’s no point of stopping! We tightened our belt, closed our eyes to the things that we don’t need and can afford to do without. I borrowed money from here to there. While others are building their mansions and buying properties,acquiring signature bags and jewelries..I am working hard, saving every amount I can. Every salaries ,it only took seconds in my hand, it goes to pay bills and debt. Kevin was able to adjust to the standard of living and not to the luxuries of other students who has both parents to pay the bills. It was not only financial problem but also adjusting to the new environment, to the new system ,meeting and dealing with different people with a different culture. Being alone in a foreign land without a family to run to every time a mishap happens was a difficult if not the saddest part of being by yourself. I won’t bore you to go on details the low and high moments of what happened in three years but I can share a few :-)..I know..i can hear MOM!!! hahaha

Look at this shoes..this is love..this is hard work..this is the future..

200K tuition fees for 3 years, living expenses, ticket fares etc

200K tuition fees for 3 years, living expenses, ticket fares etc

– going to College at a tender age of 17, knowing the budget is only for two years, the uncertainty..the pressure of finishing on time doubled or even more..

– finishing the full 7 terms in three years, leading to Bachelors Degree is an incredible journey and an awesome accomplishment. My eldest son quotes that stayed on my mind when he was giving his advise to my youngest son.

“Make your own mistake and learn from it , DON”T COPY OURs “

– getting sick all alone by yourself especially the car accident, losing money to bad people, travelling alone with only less than 20 Swiss franc or sometimes only 20 Saudi riyal :-)  unfortunately at times, we blamed credit cards that doesn’t work!

– working hard on the job training, sometimes you don’t share because you know the weight on my shoulder are already too heavy to carry by one person only.

– and on top of all the difficulties, there was also Dad’s infidelity rumours, those sharp tongue came like sword lashing every strength I have (gossips of mindless people). With your pale lips, trying to smile and gave me comfort, I saw a brave man mightier than I thought; you gave me an extra boots to let it go.  There were also people who were so envious of sending you to Switzerland and made an obnoxious remarks of where will I get money? Are you serious? duh! am I committing a sin?  Switzerland? If a normal office clerk man can send his son in UK what about a Cosmetic Dentist mom? Does this make sense?

With all the adversity….you took it with profound sanity..pound by pound,moment by moment..

My son, Kevin, I am proud of the young man you’ve become, finishing College at age 20! You showed courage ,confidence and dignity that every parent would like to see in their young adult son or daughter. I am honoured to be a part of your journey and I know in every chapter of your life there is always a new beginning. And this is it!  another country, another culture, another experience and I wish you all the happiness and good luck to a new adventure; my nomadic Chef! Explore the world, gather all the spices, make a fusion of each continents’ dishes and make your own signature dish, your own secret spice and conquer the world’s cuisine! Whoa! dream BIG! its free :-)

This is how you begin your journey at a age 17.

This is how you begun your journey at a age 17. One day will come that you will be standing in front of your own restaurant or bistro :-)

Ladies, did your eyebrow dropped and your mouth opened with an “O”?, don’t worry I won’t take it against you, because I took it as a challenge and not an obstacle and I can assure you, slowly and surely we will hit the goal!

” I rather spent my money in my son’s education and see a good future ahead of them..than spent It in a beautiful house with an empty mind.”

To my real friends and my special friend..Thank you for all your support,drying my tears and joining my craziness  :-) to my 2 brothers here in Jeddah, my boss and staff, thank you for always standing by and to my princess patient who always give a good tip ;-) for my Chef Kevin.

To my eldest son, Edgie thank you so much, I couldn’t do it easier and better without you on my side, thank you for being a confidante and an arbiter between us :-)

and to all the people around the world who in one way or another  my Nomadic Chef Kevin have had share moments, thank you for  the experience !

Thank you Cesar Ritz College ( Culinary Arts Academy of Switzerland)

God bless.



Wordless Wednesday

From Philippines to Middle East to Europe and to USA. Good luck and God bless!

From Philippines to Middle East to Europe and to USA.Congratulations!
Good luck and God bless!

My Lady no. 7 – Sophie Defensor- Victoria

so3aI lost two kilo in ten days and when my best friend came for a short holiday, I regained it in two days hahaha. That’s how we bond! We find happiness in food! Who cares we’re the beauties beyond fifties :-)

My lucky lady at no 7 is a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) graduate of University of San Agustin, Iloilo City, born September 18, 1962.

Wow blooming at 53!


She lives in London, UK . She comes to Jeddah, every six months to visit her husband and her friends, she has only one very handsome son, who is currently studying Chemical Engineering in UK.

Sophie is a very devoted mother, her dreams revolves around her only son..

Do you have any other dream for yourself?

– of course I do! I like to travel around the world.

You travel a lot! isn’t it? how long you’ve worked as expatriates?

– I’ve been in Jeddah for 26 yrs, I travelled around the world but it’s like a working holiday. I would like to explore the world without thinking about work. I have worked hard and I would like to retire while I still have energy and can enjoy the scenery.

What is your motto in life?

“Dream big, work hard. Stay focused and surround yourself with good friends “


My friend Sophie is a very energetic woman, she exudes a happy-go-lucky attitude but beware when she is not in the mood, her tongue is like a sword that cut deep :-)

We didn’t have enough time to do all the chitchat, I still have to go back to work after we did the impronto photo shoot. Hopefully , I will do another photo shoot when I have the chance to visit her in London.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Vivid.”


Areeka – a traditional yemeni dessert

We have been in Bab al Yemen restaurant many times on Friday nights, we just love how the food is cooked and served in hot stone pot but we failed to appreciate the sweet corner especially this so called “Areeka” the way it was served and decorated remained “vivid’ to our mind how it looks like :-)


It seems my friend likes it though, see his facial expression? Well, lets give it to him hahahaha!

“It it makes you happy, who cares what everyone else thinks”


Areeka is made of flour or bread dates,cream ,cheese ,thyme and honey.


In fairness, the main dish was good and the “areeka” was the joke of the night :-)

So, ladies, you know what to order when you happen to be on the same restaurant.





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